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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deal With a Jealous Friend

If you have a jealous friend who's making life difficult for you, here's how to fend off their negative attitude without ruining the friendship.
This is the steps

1. Know the difference between jealousy and honesty. What might seem like a deliberate attempt to put you down might actually be your friend giving you constructive criticism.
2. Put yourself in your friend's shoes and understand the reasons behind his or her feelings. Jealousy often stems from insecurity.
3. Get a second opinion. If your friend is making comments that seem to stem from jealousy, have someone else around who can look at the situation objectively. If they're not present, seek their opinion afterwards.
4. Show a positive attitude to let the jealous friend know that they have no power over you and that you are very confident about yourself. If you are not confident to begin with, then Build Self Confidence.
5. Help your friend raise their self-esteem and build a life that they can be proud of instead of looking enviously at yours. Empowering them is a good way to diffuse their jealousy, but only do this for those people you feel are worthy of your time and energy. If you want to help them and they seem nice and worth the effort, offer to show them how you, got your hair that way, where you found that shirt, how you got the killer job.
6. Offer encouragement and praise when something goes right for your friend, but whatever you do, don't hide your happiness for what is going right in your life. A true friend supports at all times and should be happy for your accomplishments.
7. Tell the friend how pathetic they are for acting like a child? Ask them to get some well needed therapy. Friends shouldn't need to be treated like babies.

Some Tips for you

* You might be a fun, beautiful, gregarious person that people are jealous of. Too bad. Let them. You won't serve yourself any better by catering to their hate.
* If your friend continues to be jealous and as a result tries to tear you down, consider breaking up with that friend.

Remember Bragging will only make any jealousy worse.