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Monday, October 27, 2008

Reduce Hair Loss

When hair starts falling out it can seem like the end of the world. Follow these tips to try and reduce it as much as possible.
this is the Steps

1. Try to identify when the hair loss started and if you changed anything with your hair. For example if you started straightening it or if you started applying lots of mousse. It is likely that this could be the reason. If you find it was due to the use of these things then stop using them.
2. Stick to one shampoo or shower gel. If it is repeatedly changed it could cause damage to your hair as shampoos aren't natural, you would be adding more and more chemical products in your hair which could damage them and cause them to fall out.
3. Oiling the hair also helps with coconut oil for example. By doing this, when you go out the pollution in the environment won't stick straight onto your hair and damage it. It will stick to the oil instead which can be washed off when you get home.
4. Wash your hair regularly, unclean hair could contain lots of damaging things. Frequent washing can help keep hair clean and healthy.
5. Wash your hair with warm to normal temperature water. Water which is too hot can also damage the hair.
6. Try and reduce stress or anxiety that is getting to you. Tension and anxiety do not help as you will be so worried your body won't be mentally healthy so this will lead to physical deterioration too which includes hair loss.
7. Do daily scalp massages as it will increase blood flow in the scalp, sending it to the hair follicles to help stimulate growth.

Some tips

* Try not to use straighteners, curlers or other chemical products such as dyes excessively, these can damage your hair if used too frequently.
* Oiling your hair can help keep hair healthier.
* Stick to one shampoo or gel.
* As you get older, your hair gets weaker so don't be too worried if a few strands of hair falling occasionally.
* Try to relax and have an optimistic view on things. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.
* Doing 'Headstand' pose of yoga for about a minuite daily reduces the hair fall. But please consult your doctor before doing this pose.


* If you have tried all of the above methods and nothing seems to be working, see your doctor as in some cases it could be a symptom of a more serious problem.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Perform a Testicular Self Exam

Testicular cancer kills nearly 400 people per year in the U.S., and the incidence rate of cancer of the testis has increased in recent years in the U.S. and in many other countries. The cancer is unusual in that it affects fairly young men (the average age at diagnosis is about 34 years old). It is also one of the most curable cancers, especially if caught early, and medical authorities recommend that a testicular examination be performed as part of routine medical checkups. In addition, men 20-55 years old should perform a monthly testicular self-examination. A self-examination takes only a couple minutes, and it can save your life, so consult your doctor for advice and follow these steps.
this is the steps

1. Use a mirror to examine your testicles. Sit down in a well-lit area and use a small mirror to examine your scrotum for visible lumps or swelling. A mirror is helpful because otherwise you can't get a good look at the entire scrotum.
2. Feel your testicles to detect any differences between them. Hold your scrotum and testicles in the palm of one hand and feel for any differences between the testicles. It is normal for one testicle to be hang slightly lower than the other and to be slightly larger than the other, but if one testicle seems to be much larger than the other or if it seems to have an abnormal shape or hardness, it's time to see a doctor for further examination.
3. Examine each testicle for lumps or swelling. Use one hand to hold your scrotum and penis in place and use the other to examine each testicle, one at a time. Gently roll the testicle between your thumb and forefinger to check for swelling, lumps, hardness, or an unusual heaviness. Do this slowly and make sure to check all around each testicle. The testicles should be smooth all around, but you will notice a soft tube, called the epididymus, coming from the top of each one.
4. Be on the lookout for other cancer symptoms. While an abnormality in the testes is the surest sign of testicular cancer, other symptoms, such as backache, stomach pains, coughing, or tenderness around the nipples, may be indicative of a spread of the cancer. These symptoms, of course, may accompany any number of other illnesses or injuries, so simply be aware of them and be sure to examine your testicles or see a doctor if they occur.

Some tips

* It's usually easiest to perform a testicular exam after a warm shower, when the scrotum is relaxed.
* It's important to get acquainted with your testicles. Know how they normally look and feel, and you'll be better able to detect changes and abnormalities.
* It's important to have a doctor examine your testes periodically, and you might find it helpful to have your doctor show you exactly how to perform the steps above.
* Don't panic if you notice any of the symptoms described above. What you notice could very well be nothing at all, but do take the opportunity to see a doctor for further examination. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can put your mind at ease. If you do have cancer, early detection and treatment is essential.
* As your checking your testicles your penis may become hard and erect, this is a good thing as your penis is not interfering anymore.


* This article should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice and care. Be sure to visit your doctor regularly for checkups, and seek the advice of a qualified medical professional for more information on this or any medical test or problem.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Make a Spa at Home

Do you feel stressed and run down? Then you need a relaxing easy do-it-your-self spa to pamper your body, cleanse your soul, and clear your mind.
This is the Steps

1. Pick a good day that no one is going to be home. A day that you are free.
2. Sleep in. Wake up in and have a yogurt and some fruit for breakfast...something light. Stay in your pajamas.
3. First is the mask. Sit in a reclining chair and play some of your favorite music. Apply a mud mask and some cucumbers to your eyes. Make sure your hair is pulled back with a headband.
4. Now its bathtime. Draw a warm bubble bath. Light some lavender scented candles for a relaxed atmoshpere. Since you have candles turn off the lights. Soothe in the bath for 30 minutes to an hour.
5. When you get out lather your entire body with some lavender scented or aloe lotion to sooth and moisturize you skin.
6. Have some lunch, a sandwich or soup.
7. Sit down on the couch and read a book for about 30 minutes to an hour and just relax. I recommend a book by Luanne Rice.
8. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure to make you look gorgeous.
9. Do some yoga to find your inner peace and clear your mind. Do for about 15 minutes to an hour.
10. Do some breathing excersises or meditation to calm your soul. Do for 15 minutes to an hour.
11. Sit down make some popcorn and watch a chick flick. I recommend Just Like Heaven, The Lakehouse, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, The Prince and Me, Before Sunrise, or any of your favorite shows.
12. Put on some jams and dance around the house in your underwear. Dance anywhere between 15 minutes to and hour.
13. When your husband comes home, have him cook dinner, and give you a massage.
14. Go to bed by 10.
Some tips for you

* Take your time because you have all day.
* A spa is always better with a best girlfriend.
* Relax as much as you can and don't think about problems or anything all day.

Things You'll Need

* mud mask
* candles
* manicure and pedicure supplies
* a movie
* a yoga video or yoga experience
* a book
* soothing lotions and body washes (either both smelling the same or smelling bath wash/gel/salts and non scented lotion)
* food

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Way to Quickly Improve Your Memory

1. Ditch the Planner - Challenge your brain to remember things. If your brain needs to remember things, it will develop more to do so. The many memory aids we use may affect how well our memory works without these tools. If you use an agenda book or planner for school or work, try to remember things instead of writing them down. At home, go through each subject and try to remember the assignments. If you can't remember, call a friend. After a short time of doing this, you will be able to mentally note any homework easily. You can then go back to using your planner.
2. Read - Reading works your short term and long term memory (you have to remember what happened on the last page and in the last chapter). Not only is reading good for your memory, it has been proven to overall boost your intelligence.
3. Sing a Song - Mnemonics (Memory Tools) such as singing make remembering anything much easier. The sillier the song/rhyme/abbreviation is, the better. To remember numbers (such as a locker code), make a mathematical equation out of the three numbers, or remember that they add up to, for example, 53.
4. Have Fun With It - Memory games will help you associate memory with fun. For example, try to remember a certain license plate number at different times of day. This can also be used as a quick check to see how much you are improving.

* See the Sources list and read more about improving your memory quickly.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Find a Hobby

Having a hobby helps to make you a more interesting person and gives you something fascinating to talk about with others. It can also help you to avoid feeling bored and often provides the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. Learning something new is always good for keeping the mind alert and active, as is maintaining a long-term interest in something that enthralls you. This will also make your more of an interesting person than a person who is addicted to MySpace, watching TV, or doing other time wasting and unhealthy tasks, such as stuffing your gut.
This is the Steps

1. Think of a hobby that might interest you. It might be an interest that you always wished you had time to explore, but never had the time or money required to pursue.
2. A stamp collection, Collect things for a hobby. Look at the walls in your post office, and think about collecting stamps and what you might need to do to start and maintain a stamp collection. Think of other items you might like to collect, for example, coins, dolls or chocolate wrappers. You will need to consider how you will get your collectibles, where you will put them and whether you'll display them. And don't forget to think about swaps with friends!
3. Discover art for a hobby. Have you ever gone to a museum, looked at the paintings on the walls, and wondered if you could do the same thing? How about trying painting for yourself - in oils, acrylics or watercolors? Or maybe try drawing with charcoal or colored pencils. One particularly wonderful way to get involved in your community and make art at the same time is to participate in painting a mural. This will last for a long time and everyone in your community will see it and smile.
4. Team sport, Enjoy sport as a hobby. Watch soccer, basketball, golf, athletics or tennis tournaments on television or at your local sports ground. Do you feel that a sport is something that you would love to learn? Think about what it would cost, and the time it would take to learn and play. Do you have the funds available for this type of hobby? Would you have the patience it would take to really learn to play or train for any of these sports? Would you rather play a team sport or an individual sport? Maybe there are friends or family members who already have equipment and uniforms you can have, as well as tips for how to begin your chosen sport. Ask them about their experiences and listen to their suggestions.
5. Take up an outdoor activity. Maybe you are an "outdoors" person, someone who would enjoy outdoor hobbies, such as fishing, hiking, flying remote controlled model airplanes or kites in the park, water skiing, camping or cycling. Think about how much you like different kinds of weather (hot, cold, rain, sun, snow etc.) and getting close to nature. If this sounds like something you would really enjoy doing, then investigate how you could start learning one or more of these activities. Often these outdoors activities will have a club you can join, or you could get your friends together and try an outdoors activity as a group.
6. Browse a Craft Store, Take up an indoor activity. Maybe you are more of an "indoors person". Perhaps you'd enjoy knitting, sewing, doing puzzles and jigsaws, painting, making ceramics etc. Browse around a craft store and find various craft ideas and supplies. Ask friends and family if they have craft supplies and patterns that they're not using. Other places to look for ideas include games stores, toy stores, hobby stores, your local library or activity center and school.
7. Combine indoor and outdoor activities. Of course, there's nothing that says you can't be both an indoors and an outdoors person! Maybe in summer you love to cycle and in winter you love to make matchstick castles. Think about which seasons you would like to enjoy your hobby in.
8. Miniatures to make Take up woodworking. Look through the Internet at various woodworking hobbies. Things such as toys, desk top items, furniture, games etc. are all ideas to make out of wood. If you have a work room in a garage, perhaps you would like to buy a project kit like a miniature doll house and build and decorate it all yourself. You might even enjoy making the miniature furniture yourself instead of buying it ready-made.
9. Consider miniatures. Miniature trains, racing cars, toy soldiers, gaming pieces etc. are an intriguing hobby that will include painting, construction work, craft and more. Making miniatures suits someone with an eye for detail and a lot of patience. This hobby can be as elaborate or as simple as you like; many of the best miniatures are made from things you find around the house and use your imagination to turn into something else.
10. Wait until you have researched the initial cost, and the long term expense and time needed before jumping into a hobby. Make sure you can afford it, and have the time to spare. As you begin, start small. For instance, you can do a lot of astronomy with the naked eye. If you have learned and continued with that, the next step should be purchasing a good set of binoculars. Invest in the fancy telescope only when you are sure you are committed.
11. Search the Internet or visit a local library or community center for more information. Look for information related to the hobby you are interested in. Find out if you would have to buy supplies via Internet, or if you have suppliers that live in your area. If there is something on the Internet that you want and you don't have a credit card, ask a parent or a friend to help you. Sometimes even a store owner is the person to ask, as they can order the supplies in for you using their own contacts.
12. Get started on your hobby! Once you have decided which hobby best suits you in every way and you have bought or borrowed the equipment, clothing, tools and anything else you need, it is time to get it happening. Expect to start slowly at first, while learning, so have patience. You might even find a club to join and meet others with similar interests. This is a great way to make friends and to exchange ideas.
13. Display your hobby or compete. Once you become very good at your chosen hobby, you might like to enter competitions to test your skills or to display your work. Think of sports competitions, fairs or shows for craft and artwork, club meetings for show-and-tell or perhaps even a school or college event is a good chance to show off your skills.

Some tips for you

* Before you get involved starting your hobby, find a place to work on it, and to store it if it is done indoors. Even outdoors hobbies that need equipment will require storage space - hockey sticks, soccer balls, boots, bicycles, tents etc. all have to go somewhere when you're not using them!
* Make sure you hobby will not take away the time you need to spend with your family and friends. Involve them if you can and ask them to come and watch you play sport or to see your work on display.If you don't have much money at the start of your hobby, begin very small or find a hobby that doesn't cost anything. Borrow things from other people - often older people have tried a hobby and no longer care for it and they can give the items to you. Another way to make money is to sell the items that you have created in your hobby. This will work for hobbies such as craft, artwork and woodwork. It will have to be good quality though, so make sure you're good at it first.

* Do not start a hobby that would be expensive to start and maintain if you have to use money budgeted for family expenses or a college fund for you or your children.
* Always get the best instructions on how to make things or do them. If it is sport, be very careful to warm up properly and do not attempt to do anything difficult unless you have had proper training. If it is making something, read the instructions carefully and be patient. If you are handling anything dangerous, either seek assistance from someone else like a parent, colleague or professional or follow the instructions exactly.
* Gambling is not a hobby, and it could become an obsession and cost you dearly in the long run.
* Don't get too hooked on the hobby or you might go broke and lose relationships with the ones you love.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Treat Male Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss can be either natural or caused by disease. The most common hair loss is thinning of the hair caused by androgens (male hormones).
This is the steps

1. Accept it. Consider it a visible symbol of your increasing wisdom. Tolerating hair loss is the healthiest and cheapest way to cope with hair loss. If that technique is too hard on the ego, read on.
2. Consider some of the hair loss drugs. Arguably, the best drug treatment for male hair loss is 1mg of Finastride taken orally once a day and Minoxidil applied directly to the scalp in either a 2 or 5 percent solution.
* Take Finastride once a day without food. The drug should be used in a 6 month or 12 month period.
* Take 1 ml Minoxidil 2 percent or 5 percent solution and apply directly to a clean, dry scalp. The studies have shown that those using the 5 percent solution achieve better results.


* Men who want to swap Minoxidil with Finastride should use minoxidil for four months after starting Finastride to prevent any hair loss that occur from stopping Minoxidil treatment.
* Minoxidil appears to work best in people whose hair loss has just begun. So the best time to begin minoxidil treatment is right at the moment you notice that your crown is thinning (but not completely bald).
* Since it takes time to grow hair, you may notice results faster if you keep your hair cut really short. This minimizes the amount of time you need to notice a difference.
* Using dandruff shampoo regularly instead of regular shampoo has been known to cut down hair loss by 7% and increase hair growth by 5 % This tip was found in Men's Health Magazine

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Look Hot

Want to look and feel as good as you can, but don't know the certain things to do to clean yourself up? Here is a simple list of things you should do to look and feel neat, beautiful, and hot.
Try This steps

1. Get in shape. Exercise, and tone up your body. Find an exercise that works for you. You don't have to look anorexically skinny to be in shape. Looking fit is more attractive than being too skinny. Do little things like integrate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Eat all of the required amounts of fruit and/or vegetables for your age, and make sure to make an effort to work out at least a little bit. It gets old, but drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Your body needs its nutrition.
2. Shave! It is important to shave your legs, pubic hair, and armpit hair. If parts of your body are unshaven, it is seen as unhygienic. Armpit hair holds odor longer than skin, and you don't want to smell bad. If shaving is too annoying you could try hair removal cream, but it can irritate the skin. Also, before going to the beach, make sure you have a good bikini line. Shaving is seen as cleaner and more hygienic.
3. Take care of your hair. Make sure you find a good shampoo for your hair type. Experiment with products to find what works best for you. Deep condition once or twice a week.
* Make sure to get a hair cut about every two months to avoid split ends. If you have frizzy hair, find a good anti-frizz spray at a local store.
* Brush and style your hair, but avoid straightening it too much. Beachy waves are a good alternate to straight hair; you can pick up a good mousse that is especially for waves.
4. Take care of your face and skin. Taking care of your skin and face can be hard because everyone's skin is different. You can have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or acne. Which is why it is important to experiment with different face care products, or little things to do by yourself and find one that fits you.
* For people with dry skin: if your skin is so dry to the point that its flaking off; in the shower, or with warm water in the sink, take a washcloth and rub the extremely dry areas on you face with a little soap on the washcloth. Dry, and then apply toner and lotion afterwards, to your whole face. If your skin isn't as dry, then just apply the toner, and a good moisturizing lotion. I find that after sun lotions (for after tanning) are the most hydrating.
* For people with oily skin: "Neutrogena" brand skin products have good skin products that act as a "dryer" for your skin. They have Neutrogena kits at Ulta stores, drug stores, department stores, or you can look online.
* For people with acne: If you don't wish to use any acne creams, then try washing your face in warm water in the morning and before bed. Changing your pillow case is another biggie; it holds onto old dirt, oil, and makeup from your face, and then you expose your face on it. Also, trying Proactive is something that seems to be working for a lot of people. If you want to get rid of surprise breakouts, try a product that guarantees quick pimple elimination.
* For the rest of your skin, always moisturize, and smell good. Always use sunscreen, and take showers daily.
5. Be yourself. Be sure to be confident, happy, outgoing, and fun. It can be hard sometimes if you're shy, and trying to be more "out there". Try to observe how the other people around you talk, and interpret that into what you say. Adapt to different peoples' personalities, but still make your talking your own. And being crazy is alright every now and then too, as long as its funny, and not something that's stupid or will get you in trouble.
* With a guy: Flirt, but not to the point of suffocation; find little ways to be flirtatious, but if you don't feel the sparks flying back at you, then stop flirting. Little things like, whispering in his ear, and brushing up against him by accident are what can drive him wild.
* Be kind to people; do them favors, help them when they need you, be polite, compliment them. You will be well liked, and known in a heartbeat! Don't suck up to people, be sarcastic sometimes, and jokingly rude.
6. Have good hygiene.. Shower everyday, brush your teeth, comb your hair, spray on a good perfume, clean your fingernails, and blow your nose. Carry a mirror with you always in a purse of book bag, and check out the way you look every hour or so. If you get manicures make sure they look natural. Pluck your eyebrows, but not to thin! Also, if you have any facial hair, wax and pluck--such as sideburns, mustache (upper lip hair), and brows.
7. Wear stylish clothes. Buying clothes that are in style is key. If your parents don't want to buy you clothes, save up money and go on a mini shopping spree for yourself. Go to stores you like and browse for items on sale; they can be just as good! Keep your own style, but try to follow what your peers are wearing also. Don't buy clothes that are too tight fitting, or too revealing. Make sure the clothes fit you. Show off your best assets and hide your flaws.
8. Apply make-up well. Doing makeup is something that can make you look better, or worse. Use a makeup that works for your skin. Picking the right shade of foundation is very, very important. On top of your foundation, use a little bit of eyeliner on the top of your eyelid, along your lashline, and apply a little amount on the bottom. It defines your eye, and makes them pop. Try using lip balm, and occasionally lip gloss. Too much makeup looks horrible, so don't over do it.


* Always smell good. Use breath mints, nothing is more disgusting than bad breath. Shower, and use perfume.
* Keep a cheerful attitude.
* Be confident. Not conceited, but always happy, and willing to compliment, and say hi.
* Be confident with yourself.

* Don't be conceited.
* Don't dress, or act slutty.
* Don't believe that you have to have a thong sticking out of your pants to be considered hot.
* Really try to be nice and stay true to your friends
* Never dis your old friends if more people like you.