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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Look Hot

Want to look and feel as good as you can, but don't know the certain things to do to clean yourself up? Here is a simple list of things you should do to look and feel neat, beautiful, and hot.
Try This steps

1. Get in shape. Exercise, and tone up your body. Find an exercise that works for you. You don't have to look anorexically skinny to be in shape. Looking fit is more attractive than being too skinny. Do little things like integrate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Eat all of the required amounts of fruit and/or vegetables for your age, and make sure to make an effort to work out at least a little bit. It gets old, but drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Your body needs its nutrition.
2. Shave! It is important to shave your legs, pubic hair, and armpit hair. If parts of your body are unshaven, it is seen as unhygienic. Armpit hair holds odor longer than skin, and you don't want to smell bad. If shaving is too annoying you could try hair removal cream, but it can irritate the skin. Also, before going to the beach, make sure you have a good bikini line. Shaving is seen as cleaner and more hygienic.
3. Take care of your hair. Make sure you find a good shampoo for your hair type. Experiment with products to find what works best for you. Deep condition once or twice a week.
* Make sure to get a hair cut about every two months to avoid split ends. If you have frizzy hair, find a good anti-frizz spray at a local store.
* Brush and style your hair, but avoid straightening it too much. Beachy waves are a good alternate to straight hair; you can pick up a good mousse that is especially for waves.
4. Take care of your face and skin. Taking care of your skin and face can be hard because everyone's skin is different. You can have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or acne. Which is why it is important to experiment with different face care products, or little things to do by yourself and find one that fits you.
* For people with dry skin: if your skin is so dry to the point that its flaking off; in the shower, or with warm water in the sink, take a washcloth and rub the extremely dry areas on you face with a little soap on the washcloth. Dry, and then apply toner and lotion afterwards, to your whole face. If your skin isn't as dry, then just apply the toner, and a good moisturizing lotion. I find that after sun lotions (for after tanning) are the most hydrating.
* For people with oily skin: "Neutrogena" brand skin products have good skin products that act as a "dryer" for your skin. They have Neutrogena kits at Ulta stores, drug stores, department stores, or you can look online.
* For people with acne: If you don't wish to use any acne creams, then try washing your face in warm water in the morning and before bed. Changing your pillow case is another biggie; it holds onto old dirt, oil, and makeup from your face, and then you expose your face on it. Also, trying Proactive is something that seems to be working for a lot of people. If you want to get rid of surprise breakouts, try a product that guarantees quick pimple elimination.
* For the rest of your skin, always moisturize, and smell good. Always use sunscreen, and take showers daily.
5. Be yourself. Be sure to be confident, happy, outgoing, and fun. It can be hard sometimes if you're shy, and trying to be more "out there". Try to observe how the other people around you talk, and interpret that into what you say. Adapt to different peoples' personalities, but still make your talking your own. And being crazy is alright every now and then too, as long as its funny, and not something that's stupid or will get you in trouble.
* With a guy: Flirt, but not to the point of suffocation; find little ways to be flirtatious, but if you don't feel the sparks flying back at you, then stop flirting. Little things like, whispering in his ear, and brushing up against him by accident are what can drive him wild.
* Be kind to people; do them favors, help them when they need you, be polite, compliment them. You will be well liked, and known in a heartbeat! Don't suck up to people, be sarcastic sometimes, and jokingly rude.
6. Have good hygiene.. Shower everyday, brush your teeth, comb your hair, spray on a good perfume, clean your fingernails, and blow your nose. Carry a mirror with you always in a purse of book bag, and check out the way you look every hour or so. If you get manicures make sure they look natural. Pluck your eyebrows, but not to thin! Also, if you have any facial hair, wax and pluck--such as sideburns, mustache (upper lip hair), and brows.
7. Wear stylish clothes. Buying clothes that are in style is key. If your parents don't want to buy you clothes, save up money and go on a mini shopping spree for yourself. Go to stores you like and browse for items on sale; they can be just as good! Keep your own style, but try to follow what your peers are wearing also. Don't buy clothes that are too tight fitting, or too revealing. Make sure the clothes fit you. Show off your best assets and hide your flaws.
8. Apply make-up well. Doing makeup is something that can make you look better, or worse. Use a makeup that works for your skin. Picking the right shade of foundation is very, very important. On top of your foundation, use a little bit of eyeliner on the top of your eyelid, along your lashline, and apply a little amount on the bottom. It defines your eye, and makes them pop. Try using lip balm, and occasionally lip gloss. Too much makeup looks horrible, so don't over do it.


* Always smell good. Use breath mints, nothing is more disgusting than bad breath. Shower, and use perfume.
* Keep a cheerful attitude.
* Be confident. Not conceited, but always happy, and willing to compliment, and say hi.
* Be confident with yourself.

* Don't be conceited.
* Don't dress, or act slutty.
* Don't believe that you have to have a thong sticking out of your pants to be considered hot.
* Really try to be nice and stay true to your friends
* Never dis your old friends if more people like you.

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