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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Show a Woman That You Care

Have a special someone in mind? Wish to strengthen a friendship or relationship? Follow these simple steps to show a woman that you care for her.
So try to do this,
1. Pay attention to her. Every time she is speaking to you, make an effort to look her in the eyes and understand what she is saying. If you do not understand, tell her. This will show her that you are listening and would like to hear what she has to say.
2. Be trustworthy. Prove yourself to her daily. If you give her your word that you will be there for her, follow through. How can anyone care for someone they lie to?
3. Respect her mind, body, and soul. She is a different individual. There are many paths of life and hers may be differing from yours. Accept her and cherish her for who she is.
4. Perform random acts of kindness. Be creative. Call her when you guys are not together and tell her that you are thinking about her. Paste a note on her mirror telling her that you love her. A picture is worth a thousand words, paint her a watercolor. Leave her a flower and a sincere note.
5. Spend quality time with her. Turning off the T.V., grabbing a blanket, and lying with her beneath the stars can mean more than expensive jewelry.
6. Let her know exactly how you feel. Look within. Exactly what does this woman mean to you? Write it down. Give it to her.
7. When you are away, whether it be a business trip, or a vacation with the guys, check in with her. It's just polite! Let her know that although you're having fun, she has crossed your mind,
8. Never lose contact for a unreasonable time, if you have not seen her for a few days, let her know you are thinking about her, Girls love this.
Don't for get to remember this :
* Women are different from men,we all know that. While a man's focus may be on the physical aspects of a relationship, showing a woman that you respect and care for the sensual things will go a very long way.
* Never lie to her. Lying to a woman is a sure way to lose her respect.
* Step in and help her without being asked. Show her that you are there for her.
* Guys are actually very sensitive when it comes down to some things, so some of this may just be common sense.
* Read an ebook called "100 Ways to Show Your Love & Affection" by Gloria D. Heffner gives great ideas to add or keep the romance, love & affection in a relationship. The ideas can be tailored to your or your partner's personality(ies).
* Remember women multi-task (i.e. balancing work and family)
* Turn off the TV and turn on the romance!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tips to Control Your Temper

1. Realize that things can be handled well at all times; it's just a matter of what kind of attitude you put into it.Take deep breaths.
2. Be considerate of others, and ultimately, yourself. The way you react will ultimately affect your surroundings. If you have to rebuke someone for doing something wrong, you can always do it calmly, in a private place. This method is always better for everyone in the long run.
3. Realize that no one likes to be around people who get angry easily, and act abusive. The only way you can change the situation is by starting with yourself.
4. Get away from situations where your anger might get the best of you, such as when someone is teasing you. Ignore the other person and walk away. If you must, do this a few times until the person gets the hint that you will not tolerate it. It's okay to use your words or body language to tell somebody you will not tolerate how they are treating you, as long as you respond to them in a calm and matter of fact manner, without being overtly hurtful or trying to embarrass them as they have you. It's never okay to hit somebody for making fun.
5. Say, "peace" to someone who says something that is ignorant, and then walk away.
6. If you are angry and you are standing, sit down, if you are sitting then lie down.
7. Remember that the reward for patience is happiness.
8. remember, 5 seconds stand between you and logic, count to 5, and remember that logic always beats anger.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Friend Need You After a Breakup #2

10. Remind them that they're likely to start putting their ex on a pedestal, focusing only on the good stuff and filtering out the bad. Nobody is perfect, and no relationship is perfect - so helping your friend focus on or remember those imperfections will keep them grounded in reality.
11. Recommend they connect to the net and begin re-connecting with their friends.
12. Tell them it's a well known fact that time always heals. The thought that their suffering will naturally come to end one day can speed that process along.
13. Remind them that the sooner they forget the past and start building a positive future based on today the better.
14. Give your friend a hug.

Tips for You

* Give the ex the silent treatment and let them know that you think they totally messed up.
* Comfort your friend every time they seem down.
Please try and Good Luck for You All...

A Friend Need You After a Breakup #1

"I've been dumped." No one wants to hear that from their best friend. Want to know how to make them smile? Try This

1. Let them get all their anger out. Let them cry and sob. Let them punch pillows.
2. Be totally on their side and say that it is the other person's loss and they're not worth it, they're better off without that person, they always deserve better, etc.
3. Try and cheer them up! Joke about or put on a comedy and giggle! Even just everyday things can be made funny . . .just don't try too hard.
4. Do something spontaneous that will make them laugh. For example, make a "get lost in the hall and meet your ex" survival kit. Include things that will make them laugh.
5. Encourage them to think about the positive aspects of their break up - e.g. - more freedom, the chance to meet a new person for a fresh and exciting relationship, more money to spend on themselves, nobody to answer to.
6. Tell them that many great works of art have been born out of pain and anguish - especially the kind of pain and anguish delivered upon us by our boyfriends/girlfriends. If they're not creative then suggest that they become creative in order to express the way they feel. Talking is good - and a form of creativity - but it's good to write, sing, paint...if they have any hobbies, passions then suggest they immerse themselves in them for a while. There's nothing better for the healing process than feeling that the blow you've suffered has actually had a positive outcome.
7. Exercise works wonders. Just think how your ex will feel when he sees your new impressive physique - and maybe even the attractive new boyfriend/girlfriend you have as a result of that physique...but what's even more important is the proven positive effect that exercise has on the body and mind. Take your friend to the gym.
8. Discourage them from thinking that all women/men are evil or fickle. Not everyone is evil, when just one person hurts you.
9. Discourage them from feelings of guilt. At some they're bound to start thinking 'I was a bad person,' or 'I'm a bad person - that's why he/she dumped me. Why did I say that? Why did I do that? I'm scum. I should call him/her up and let them know that I've finally come to terms with my own vile nature - maybe if he/she sees that I'm no longer in denial they'll believe I'm willing to change...' This is a bad idea. If they've dumped you - they're probably no longer concerned with whether you can change or not. And besides - they've heard it all before...right? Your friend may feel that they've finally learned their lesson - and that's a positive thing - but tell them they should try and apply what they've learned to a new relationship.

it's not end yet,please wait next post..
Love or Infatuation

"You can tell that it's infatuation when you think that he's as sexy as Paul Newman, as athletic as Pete Rose, as selfless and dedicated as Ralph Nader, as smart as John Kenneth Galbraith and as funny as Don Rickles. You can be reasonably sure that it's love when you realize he's actually about as sexy as Don Rickles, as athletic as Ralph Nader, as smart as Pete Rose, as funny as John Kenneth Galbraith and doesn't resemble Paul Newman in any way--but you'll stick with him anyway."

(1) Do I treat the other person as a person or a thing?
If you go out with him/her because he/she is good looking (a "prize" to be with) or a way out (a ticket to the movies), that isn't love.

(2) Would you chose to spend the evening alone with him/her if there were no kissing, no touching, and no sex?
If not, it isn't love.

(3) Are the two of you at ease and as happy alone as you are with friends?
If you need other friends around to have a good time, it isn't love.

(4) Do you get along?
If you fight and make up a lot, get hurt and jealous, tease and criticize one another, better be careful, it may not be love.

(5) Are you still interested in dating or secretly "messing around" with others?
If so, you aren't in love.

(6) Can you be totally honest and open?
If either or both of you are selfish, insincere, feel confined, or unable to express feelings, be cautious.

(7) Are you realistic?
You should be able to admit possible future problems. If others (besides a parent) offend you by saying they are surprised you are still together, that you two seem so different, that they have doubts about your choice, better take a good look at this relationship.

(8) Is either of you much more of a taker than a giver?
If so, no matter how well you like that situation now, it may not last.

(9) Do you think of the partner as being a part of your whole life?
If so, and these dreams seem good, that is an indication of love.

Is it love or infatuation or loneliness or friendship?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Hug a Girl #2

7. End the hug appropriately. It is likely that the girl will pull away before you do, though this is definitely not always true. If the girl does pull away first, simply let your arms slide out from her sides and back to rest at your own sides. If you decide to pull back first, it is basically the same principal but backwards.
8. Once the firm hug was completed correctly, before you approach your own sides with your arms, grab onto the very top of her pants, or belt loop. Look into your hugging partners eyes for a few seconds, feeling really confident. Once completed this, be strong.
9. Make eye contact for a few more seconds. Once you have done that, you are pretty much free to go or strike up a conversation. Sometimes it is better to leave right after a hug, as it can make both of you want to stay in each other's arms again and can strengthen a relationship.
Following this tips for you
* Try to have good hygiene.
* Some hugs are like a teddy bear, others are like a fortress. Sometimes they are both. Keep that in mind.
* As your relationship continues, you may hug more and more often. Experiment with hugs, but remember to keep them a shared experience and not a selfish feeling.
* You may want to whisper something in her ear while you're hugging.
* Don't hold her too tight, so don't squeeze her. Hold her firmly enough so she's comfortable. Just give her a light squeeze.
* If you know your girl well enough, she may be flattered if you pick her up and spin her, but some girls do not like that.
* If you must pat her back, make sure you don't do it too hard. You don't want to hurt her! However, some girls are uncomfortable with back-patting and are unlikely to hug you again any time soon.
* Just do it, the rest will come naturally.

How to Hug a Girl #1

Especially in high school, hugging a girl can be an awkward new experience in a new relationship. Maybe you decided that previous hugs hadn't worked out, or maybe you really have no idea what should be going on in a hug. Well, your worries are over!
Folowing this steps
1. Do things in the right environment. Hugs aren't as effective in crowded areas, or places that other people might be staring at you. It's awkward when your best friend walks by while you're hugging someone and tries to chat you up. Try a quiet street or park, or if you're inside, go to the the corner of the room. Drinking fountains are also good places.
2. Approach with caution, but confidence. That may sound impossible, but can be practiced in other situations. You should be sure the girl is prepared for a hug, at least as far as the relationship goes.
3. Look into her eyes for a few seconds. Sometimes it's good to say something like "How was your day?" or some other relatively unimportant small talk that doesn't call for a long reply... hopefully. The reply can come as an advantage, as a bad day might warrant a hug.
4. Lean your torso forward and extend your arms. The girl should pick up on this: if she doesn't, pull back momentarily, just for a split second, to make sure she wants the hug. If you don't get the impression that she wants the hug, change your extended arms to a quick pat on the shoulder or back. However, chances are the girl will extend her arms towards you as well. Take a step forward so that her feet and your feet are or are nearly touching.
5. Place your arms around her waist; her arms should be directed to either your waist or your shoulders, it depends and doesn't particularly matter. The first few seconds of a hug are just like any other hug: firm but gentle. Do not immediately start moving your hands around her back. this will probably make the girl feel a little uncomfortable, and she'll back away. Especially do not place your hands in inappropriate places of the girl's body.
6. Move your arms around her back just a few inches up and down, do not pat her back, this makes the hug awkward and makes the hug too friendly. From here the hug can go a few directions. One option is to hold her tighter and lift her up off her feet by leaning backwards, then turning around halfway or all the way. This is a playful and fun hug, but be sure the girl is going to accept it. Another option is to slowly sway back and forth, exchanging your weight on each foot. Whichever direction your hug goes, a first hug should probably not last any more than four to five seconds.

Way to Be a Supporting and Loving Stepparent #2

5. Coordinate with your partner on discipline. Parents of any marital status sometimes disagree on discipline for the children -- discuss as many issues as possible ahead of time, so you can tackle them as a team. Pay attention to patterns; they can tell you a lot about what future issues might be.
6. Maintain a loving and supportive household. It gives children the stability they need to feel safe.
7. Go slow. Don't expect the children to embrace you right away. Expect set-backs. Let the relationship develop at its own pace.
Then Following this tips

* Sometimes we learn lessons whether we're ready for them or not. Reacting to life's struggles often requires a delayed reaction so you can gain perspective. This is where your life vest comes in. Will you take a walk to gain insight, or will you divulge your emotions before assessing them? Know what brings you peace when you need that small distraction.
* Always remember children will be hurtful when their life routine has been changed to their disadvantage. Calm should be your motto; no good can come from escalating an already emotional situation.
* Spend time together and foster new relationships. Children need to know your marriage is strong. Show this by taking the time to listen to your children -- together. Even if the children protest, eat dinner together, go to the park, etc. Any time together they will remember. Teamwork is the key.
* If you give respect it should be expected in return.
* Never tell the child they are immature or are have horrible manners. Its really not your place. By doing this you set the child on edge and they are most likely not going to accept you.

Way to Be a Supporting and Loving Stepparent #1

Whether you are a parent yourself or not, the new waters can be difficult, so put on a life vest. Know who you are and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
Please Following this steps:
1. Realize that there is no manual for building onto an already existing family; we all carry some sadness for what is no longer there. Children and adults carry those burdens differently. Finding your place in the new family is the thread that holds together the life vest.
2. Determine what keeps you grounded. Where do you find solace? If this is something you've never asked yourself, or you don't know, it's absolutely essential to do that soul searching. Because in the most trying of family times you need to find your own strength.
3. Read any material on step-parenting, but remember to find your own style. Help is always available if you seek it out. Many religious groups offer guidance, and individual or family counseling can be helpful, as well. Sometimes all you need is a safe place to air your feelings. This is best done with a trusting and compassionate friend.
4. Apologize when necessary. Always honor your partner and the bond with the children, just as you honor the bond you have with yours.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Understand Body Language #1

1. Understand the meanings of looking.
* When you look strangers in the eye, you are saying, "I want to know more about you."
* When you look people in the mouth, you are saying, "I am not comfortable looking into your eyes."
* When your eyes are locked onto a specific part of a person's face you are saying, "I am nervous."
* When you look away from a person routinely or lean away from them, you are saying, "I don't like you."
* When you raise one eyebrow, you are saying, "oh really?"
* When you look upwards, you are saying, "I am thinking."
* When you close your eyes halfway, you are saying, "I am suspicious."
* When you widen your eyes, you are saying, "I am amazed."
2. Express yourself through facial features.
* When you wink you are saying, "It's our little secret."
* When you smile subtly, you are saying, "Here is a gesture of approval."
* When you smile with teeth and close your eyes a bit, you are saying, "I am very happy."
* When you frown, you are saying, "I am bored/unhappy."
* When you drop your jaw, you are saying, "I don't believe it."
* When you bite your bottom lip, you are saying, "I'm flirty."
3. Move your head.
* When your head is up, you are saying, "I don't mind people looking at me."
* When your head is down, you are saying, "I don't want people to look at me."
* When you turn your head to look at someone, you are saying, "I enjoy looking at you."

Just For Fun

Mad Cow Disease

One day two cows were chatting over the fence between their two fields. The first cow said, "I'm telling you, this mad cow disease is getting pretty scary! I've heard it's spreading so fast that it's already on Farmer Rubin's land just down the road!"

The second cow replied, "So what? It doesn't affect us chick

Understand Body Language #2

4. Understand meanings of the placement of legs.
* When you hold your legs close together, you are saying, "I am modest."
* When you hold your legs far apart, you are saying, "I am not modest."
5. Placing your shoulders.
* When your shoulders are open and wide, you are saying, "I would like to meet new people."
* When your shoulders are closed and hunched, you are saying, "Leave me alone, please."
6. Understand the meanings of physical contact.
* When you touch someone on the arm, you are saying, "I want us to be close."
* When you touch someone on the waist/neck/face, you are saying, "I am physically attracted to you.
7. Understand the general condition.
* When you are tense, you are saying, "I am not comfortable."
* When you are relaxed, you are saying, "I am comfortable."
* When you fidget, you are saying, "I want to find something better to do."
Here is tips for you :
* Note that when you use these in combination, they will be interpreted as such. For example, if a guy looks a female stranger in the eye, but he is tense, he is sending the message, "I want to know more about you, but you make me very uncomfortable." Or if he looks at your mouth he 1: wants to kiss you or 2; likes your smile or theres something stuck in your teeth. After that the girl may respond by closing her eyes halfway and looking away as if to say, "I am suspicious of your motive and I don't like you."
* It is best to be relaxed at all times, because no one wants to be with someone who is uncomfortable.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get a Relax After a Long Day

After a long day of hard work you probably feel a migraine coming on, but before you hit the pillow try this and you'll feel ready for tomorrow.
1. Fill your tub with warm water and add Epsom salts and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.
2. Grab a book that has nothing to do with your daily source of stress (i.e. avoid fashion magazines if shopping or trying to look perfect stresses you out).
3. Soak until you feel ready to face the world again. If you find sitting still difficult (anxiety often causes this), have a candle near the tub and try to focus on the flame and quiet your thoughts. Often silence aids this process. Or try some classical piano music if you can't stand silence. Commit to at least 10 minutes in the water.
4. When you're done, get out and put on some comfy sweats, wash your face with a facial cleanser and put on a hydrating mask (best not to do this in the tub as it will slide off with the excess moisture and heat from the water).
5. Moisturize with a rich moisturizer. Cocoa butter is an excellent choice. For extra dry skin add a body oil (plain almond oil works if you are sensitive to scent). Don't use anything too heavily scented -- the goal here is simple and chemical free. Try a few drops of lavender on your pillow to help you sleep.

Here i have a few tips for you :
* If your hair is looking down then get some olive oil and mix it with one egg white and spread it over your hair, put your hair in a shower cap while you bathe and when you're done, rinse and shampoo.
* Use Your favorite smelling bath bubbles.
* Try not to watch the television if you need to get something done (like for work). If you do you'll probably be even more stressed out because you didn't get done what was needed to get done. Do this first so you can have a clear mind while relaxing

Let's Find Peace

Here is how to find peace in the sincerity of your mind. Buddhists use this technique and can eventually achieve what is called enlightenment.
please following this steps :

1. Find a quiet, shady space. it can be anywhere (including outside) and get yourself comfortable...
2. Sit in a relaxed position.
3. Put your hands on your lap, or any comfortable position.
4. Close your eyes.
5. Focus carefully on your breathing.
6. Think about a long winding river and try to achieve stillness.
7. Notice how much easier it is to concentrate when you are done and how you feel much, much happier.
8. Practice this more; you will get better.

How to Eradicate and Stop Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are not reserved for just a few people or situations. Everyone is plagued by negative thoughts at one time or another.

However, once you begin thinking about what you're "thinking about", you've already taken the first step to controlling negative thoughts.
Following this Steps :
1. Make the decision that you're going to be the one to decide what your thoughts are and will be. You can control what you think about. This means making a daily effort to consciously program positive thoughts or affirmations into your mind.
2. Surround yourself with positive people. Have you ever heard the saying, "birds of a feather flock together"? It is the same with both positive and negative people. If your current list of friends does nothing but tear others down, complain, and generally be negative, it is going to be very difficult for you to get over being negative in that environment. You may, very well, need to make some new friends.
3. Refuse to accept negative stuff when you hear it from others. If you're making progress and you hear someone spilling out a bunch of negative stuff, simply tell yourself that it's not what you think, it's not what you believe, and it's not what you accept about yourself or anyone else.
4. Change your language. The words 'should', 'could', 'might', are out. For example change "I might go and fix the car" to "I WILL go and fix the car". That way you're talking action and making a promise you are more likely to stick to.
5. Think for yourself.
6. Use your initiative instead of waiting for people. You can waste a lot of time waiting for others to act.

Here The Tips

* Get fit. Having and sticking to an exercise plan can be very helpful.
* Remember that actions speak louder then words. Rather than just talking, be willing to take some action.
* Your life will go nowhere if you sit around doing nothing all day. Have some ambitions and goals and work toward them. Plan what you want to achieve in your day. Then make sure you follow through.

How To Love Your Self

1. Take a realistic evaluation of yourself. Be honest with yourself about how valuable you believe you are as a person. The way you see yourself and treat yourself is the very way others will see you and treat you. Do you see yourself as valuable, worthy of the gift of love? More importantly, do you treat yourself lovingly and as a valuable being? It’s ok to be truthful with yourself, it may not be pretty! Awareness is the first and more powerful step on the path to change!
2. Forgive yourself if you ever believe you aren't worthy of love. After all, there were probably things in your childhood or previous years that created that belief for you. It simply isn’t true; every being on this planet is worthy of love, after all, love is what we are here for, it’s what it’s all about. Say to yourself now; “I forgive myself for believing that I was not worthy of love.” Go look in a mirror and say it out loud to yourself, look yourself right in the eyes and say it like you mean it. Go on, I’ll wait.
3. Post this affirmation up someplace where you will see it each and every day; “I have the courage to believe that I am worthy of love.” Read it out loud, every day, at least once, ideally at least ten times each time you notice it. Sticky notes are fabulous for affirmations.
4. Take action and make those words real. Begin loving and valuing yourself. It is said that you cannot give away what you do not have. So, if you are not able to love and accept yourself unconditionally, how in the world are you going to love and accept anyone else unconditionally? Much less accept that love in return from them?
5. Remember that love is not a feeling, it is a choice! Make the choice to love yourself. After all, who deserves it more? The more loving you are to yourself, the more loving you will be able to be to everyone around you. Family and friends will especially benefit from this. Make a choice to come from a place of love for yourself and for everyone who is important in your life.
6. Think about what you need to fill that emptiness inside, that place that is longing for love. What specifically do you need? Find the answer and then give it to yourself. No one is more capable of loving you, and giving you exactly what you need than you are! When you learn how to fulfill yourself in that way, you stop searching for it outside of yourself and you suddenly begin attracting it to you! You change yourself from a sponge to a magnet! People see you radiating self love and they are drawn to you!
7. Keep a journal. Write about your experiences, good and bad. When you write down your good experiences allow yourself to feel those good feelings again. When you remember the bad experiences, allow yourself to feel pride. Pride because you faced a challenge in your life and you are here today to write about it, which must mean you are a survivor and a fighter. Tell yourself, "I know pain, but I've yet to be introduced to surrender." Keep on keeping on

* Here's something to try saying every day. Place it on your mirror. It always helps: "Look in the mirror and what do I see? A beautiful boy staring back at me Oh wow! I thought, who could that be?, [smile and say] Oh! It's most definitely me!"

Just for Fun

Cat and Mouse

There was a cat and a mouse who went to heaven, and they were there at the same time. Well, the mouse approaches God's throne, and God asks him, "So, how do you like it up here?"

The mouse says, "It's nice, but could I get a pair of roller skates?"

God says, "Sure."

So, the mouse gets his roller skates.

Well, the next day, the cat approaches God's throne, and the same question is directed at him. So, he answers, "It's great! I didn't know you had meals on wheels up here!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For most of us, women and men alike, there was that one person who kissed us like no other. Some of us are lucky enough to still be with that person. For others, that person's kissing skill may have been his best attribute, and while our current partners have many other skills, kissing is not at the top of the list.

No need to merely daydream about those past great kisses -- you are about to be handed the keys to the kissing kingdom.

Critically important is the way in which you approach making suggestions to your partner... Given that kissing is one of the more important parts of lovemaking, it should be something we all do well.

Always make a point of saying what works, not what doesn't. Do not tell him he doesn't kiss well or doesn't 'do it' for you unless, of course, you don't want to see him again.Know that people will often touch (and kiss) the way they like to be touched.

As men are stronger and have thicker skin than women, they often touch to the pressure they know and like, which can be too much, especially initially, for women.Also, because men's mouths and tongues are larger, they may be too forceful in the moment of passion. Yet men are aware how easily a woman can go from 60 to 0 on the desire meter as a result of overly forceful or careless kissing. And there is nothing they want to avoid more than something that will interrupt lovemaking.

Love Potion Tea

You only need:
1 pinch of rosemary
2 teaspoons of black tea
3 pinches thyme
3 pinches nutmeg
3 fresh mint leaves
6 fresh rose petals
6 lemon leaves
3 cups pure spring water

To make another person fall in love with you, brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon (moving from empty to full).
Place all ingredients in an earthenware or copper tea kettle. Boil three cups of pure spring water and add to the kettle. Sweeten with sugar and honey, if desired.

Before drinking, recite this rhyme:

TO MAKE [lover's name] DESIRE ME.

Drink some of the tea and say:
LET [lover's name] DESIRE ME!

On the following Friday, brew another pot of the love potion tea and give some to the person you want to love you. He or she will soon begin to fall in love with you.

All in fun - but good luck!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Change Can Do You Good

Change takes patience and persistence. In fact, researchers have discovered that, like life, change is a process that happens in stages. Experts agree that making major behavior changes, such as quitting smoking or drinking, losing weight, trading the couch for the treadmill, all take time. Knowing and understanding the stages for changing and adopting healthier habits can help you improve your success in reaching your goals and sticking with your positive behaviors.

Using physical activity as an example of changing your behavior from being sedentary to an active, healthier lifestyle, let's walk (no pun intended) through the stages of change that will transform you from couch potato to someone who is healthier, looks good, feels good, and has lots more energy. Once you understand the stages, learn tips for success, and how you can master to make that change, a part of your new, healthier way of life.
Stages of Change

Stage One — Precontemplation: In this stage, physical activity isn't even on your radar screen. Your couch is your favorite place to be. You're not active and you don't think about it.

Stage Two — Contemplation: You start to think being active would be better than staying inert. Perhaps the health club commercial finally struck a chord. You want to feel better, have more energy, and stop gaining weight. You also think that doing something to make that happen – say within the next six months – is within the realm of possibility. Maybe you remember the dance class you took years ago and how good it made you feel.

Stage Three — Preparation: You make plans to get active next month. You move closer to taking action. Maybe you make a list of goals or pencil in time on your calendar for physical activity.

Stage Four — Action: This is where the rubber hits the road. You actually begin to make changes. You bike, jog, walk, swim, or are otherwise physically active, but you have been at it for fewer than six months.

Stage Five — Maintenance: At this stage, you've stayed physically active for at least six months. You're riding high. You've learned to reward yourself for sticking with the program – buying yourself new clothes, treating yourself to a massage. You remind yourself how good you look and feel, and how you want to stay that way.
Tips for Success

It does not matter what stage you are in now, everyone will have moments when they do not want to continue with the program that they started. Just make sure that these little set backs do not totally throw you off course.
Master Maintenance

So, you have started your exercise program. Maybe you have stopped seeing results. Maybe you are starting to lose motivation. Maintaining your healthy behavior for the rest of your life is your goal – and your challenge. It's not always easy.

Here are some ways to keep the change when you're tempted not to:

Cut yourself some slack. The old couch was calling you back and you gave in. But don't give up. Setbacks happen. Falling off track doesn't mean throwing in the towel. Remind yourself that change takes time. Then lace up your sneakers, and get back on track.

Have a plan. Identify your roadblocks and find ways around them. For instance, your fitness routine easily could run off track during the holidays, business travel, and vacations. Look for hotels with a health club, or pack a jump rope in your suitcase. Include a walking or biking tour of scenic or historic places in your vacation plans.

Review your goals. If you start to feel it's just not worth it, think about why you decided to change in the first place. Maybe you wanted to lose weight and being active helped you do it. Perhaps you've lowered your blood pressure or are beginning to control your diabetes. Reminding yourself of the goals you've realized and the ones you're still striving for will help you push ahead.

Mobilize your support system. Call on friends, family members, or coworkers who have been your cheerleaders. They can encourage you to stick with it. Maybe you've formed or joined a support group. Don't hesitate to connect with others who are working on the same change.

Have confidence. Believe in yourself and don't question your ability to change. If you fail once, try again. Try something else. And learn from your mistakes. With patience and determination, you can change your life.

Positive Thinking Can Bring Good Health

Your thoughts are in your control, and they can be very powerful.

Positive thoughts can motivate healthy behaviors, such as eating right and being active. It's simple really. If you believe you can take 10,000 steps a day, you will be more likely to take an extra walk to meet your goal. If you know you can avoid holiday weight gain, you'll feel great when you pass the tempting dessert buffet, and fit comfortably in your winter clothes.

But the reverse is also true. Your thoughts can be defeating. "I'm already overweight, so it doesn't matter if I eat a second piece of cake." Or, "I only have 10 minutes. It's not enough time to walk." Negative thoughts, often called negative self-talk, may sabotage your good intentions.
"I think I can"

Remember the famous children's book "The Little Engine that Could"? The theme, with its chant, "I think I can, I think I can," helped the small train make it up the hill. The book's message is as true today as it was when it was first published in 1930. If you set your mind to something, you can do it.

One in four Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time, and older adults are joining gyms in record numbers. If you are one of them, you are more likely to reach your health and fitness goals with the right attitude. Positive thinking can help you achieve and maintain healthy behaviors, such as becoming more physically active or limiting your sugar intake.

Studies have measured the success of positive-thinkers and found that those who think they can lose weight, or increase their physical activity, do! These people are more successful than people with less faith in themselves. The confidence you have in performing a certain behavior is called self-efficacy; and self-efficacy is a key in successful behavior change.
Want Results? Can Do!

Many professional athletes get top sports training and coaching in positive thinking to help them achieve their goals. And it works! The same can apply for you and me. A "can-do" attitude may be just what it takes to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. Best of all, your attitude is something you can control. You have the choice to have a positive outlook. Chances are when you choose to think positively, you'll feel better about yourself and be able to perform better in whatever you do.

Losing 20 pounds or running a marathon this year may be unrealistic. But there are small goals in your reach that do not require drastic life changes. For example, your weight loss goal may be to cut 100 calories a day. Try leaving two bites of hamburger on your plate, hold the jam but skip the butter on your bagel, or have water instead of fruit juice. You can also burn 100 calories more by taking the stairs, parking further from store entrances, or walking to a lunch spot further away from your office.
Keep Pushing

Like the "Little Engine", sometimes you need an extra push. There will be days when you don't floss, slip from eating right, or lose your temper. Small setbacks are normal. Learn from your past success and failures. Think about what sets you off course. Maybe it was the business travel that hurt your nutritional plan and exercise habits. Or maybe it was the looming deadlines and tight back-to-back appointments you had last week.

Take a minute to consider how you might have handled the situation differently. Maybe you could have shared a dish with a colleague at the business dinner or skipped the cocktail hour and the dessert tray. Don't dwell on the past. Move on and learn, so next time you will make healthier choices toward positive change.
How to Stay Positive

Positive thinkers admit when they feel frustrated or depressed. They don't ignore it. But they also don't blame themselves. Instead, they try to understand the negative thoughts and feelings and counter them with more positive ones.

So how do you stay positive, maintain momentum and sustain healthy behaviors? Here are some tips:

* Look for a good role model. There is always someone who seems to be doing just what you want to be doing. Maybe they've scheduled exercise into their workday and switched from coffee to herbal tea. Learn from a successful friend, family member or colleague. Ask them how they keep healthy and follow in their footsteps.
* Try some positive self-talk and avoid negative-talk. Take a minute to give yourself an ego boost. Repeat some motivational words out loud or to yourself. Negative talk, "I can't do it," "I'm fat," is dangerous for your well-being and healthy goals. Try to avoid the negative self-talk before it harms you. Remind yourself that you deserve happiness and can make positive changes.
* Get support. Tell your friends and family about your healthy habits. It helps to have an encouraging network.
* Reward yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for your healthy efforts. Take a nice bath, get a massage, and enjoy a new DVD or CD.
* Have a plan. Making a plan to exercise or eat healthy lunches with a friend can mean the difference of sticking with your goals or falling off track. If you've planned for an activity, you'll likely stick with it. You may even find that writing down your goals and steps to achieve them can help you stay on track. Take it day by day or week by week. The process of writing down your personal action plan is a good way to keep you honest and watch your progress or pitfalls.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Be creative.
Take a little time to think it through.

A three-hour date with a movie that lasts two and a half-hours is not a good way to get acquainted.

Then again, you don't want to be stuck staring at each other without a topic of conversation.

A daytime meeting takes the heat off.

Lunch or coffee is a good start
(If you want to checkout a local spot to meet for lunch, you can go to Dine.com, enter your zip code and get ratings for restaurants in your area.)

Even better - a trip to the zoo.

Plenty of topics for discussion without having to deal with issues like: "What happened to your last relationship?"
And you can avoid the usual casual chit-chat like:

"My wife is still missing."

"I met my first boyfriend on the prison bus."

Yada. Yada. Yada.


Clothing is not optional.

Wear clothes that make you feel good.

New clothes always help - but if not new, be sure they're clean, pressed, and fit well - or if that's not your style - be sure they fit whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable and still look presentable.

Help the Other Person Feel Comfortable

Find something nice about your date and compliment her or him.

But mean it. Don't just say, "Nice shoes, Gladys."

"Swell belt, Ralph."

Let's review.

Find something nice. If it's painfully difficult to come up with something that you sincerely like about the person, you shouldn't be out with them in the first place.

Manners and/or Kindness

Thank the other person for the date - always, without exception.
Good manners are still in style. Well, not necessarily good manners - but common sense. Human kindness. That sort of thing is always in style.

Focus on the Other Person - pay attention to your date.
No wandering eyes. No preoccupation with old relationships, work, bank robberies.

Listen actively to what your date says.
Don't interrupt. While your date is talking, don't spend time thinking about what you're going to say when it's your turn.

Attitudes and Habits - stay positive.
Don't complain on a first date.
Be cautious about alcohol - if you drink heavily, you're not going to be at your best.
If your date gets swacked on your first date, it's not necessarily due to nervousness.
He or she is likely to be a heavy-drinker, at best, and could end up drooling on your new, pressed clothes as you shovel him or her into a cab.

Date ideas for the week:

Take a class together.
Or cut to the chase with a massage class.

Valentino "The Doctor" Rossi Is Back

Rossi takes 90th victory and World Championship lead with runaway Le Mans triumph

Valentino Rossi took a second consecutive race victory at the Alice Grand Prix de France, ahead of Jorge Lorenzo and Colin Edwards. The Italian now holds a three point advantage at the top of the World Championship standings.
Valentino Rossi in action in Le Mans (MotoGP)

Valentino Rossi took a runaway triumph at the Alice Grand Prix de France, equalling Angel Nieto´s record of 90 World Championship wins with a superb solo run.

In a selfless display, Rossi shared the limelight with the MotoGP Legend, asking Nieto to take him on a parade lap onboard the Yamaha M1. Aside from equalling the historic milestone, the win also allowed the five-time MotoGP World Champion to assume the leadership of the overall standings for the first time this season.

Whilst second row starter Rossi had broken away from the pack early, the battle for the podium was closely contested right up to the line. The Italian´s Fiat Yamaha teammate Jorge Lorenzo once again took his share of the limelight, bursting through the field to take second place in spite of a catalogue of injuries. His latest rostrum means that he is now the highest rookie point scorer from an opening five races in history, overtaking hero Max Biaggi.

Completing the all-Yamaha podium, Tech 3 rider Colin Edwards took another rostrum finish not quite in line with his predictions of victory, but nonetheless a fantastic achievement for the newly consistent American.

Poleman Dani Pedrosa relinquished his lead of the World Championship with fourth place, having attempted to lead the race from the front. Some hard moves from both Lorenzo and Edwards at the end of the Le Mans battle left the Repsol Honda rider off the podium for the first time in 2008.

On lap fifteen the activity picked up in pit lane, as the white flags shown on trackside provoked the uncovering of the second bikes. The option was open for the premier class riders to make a switch, but few took up the offer. Last year´s race winner Chris Vermeulen elected to stay out, and trailed Pedrosa for fifth, ahead of Andrea Dovizioso, Loris Capirossi and Nicky Hayden.

Shinya Nakano and home rider Randy de Puniet completed the top ten on their respective San Carlo Honda Gresini and LCR Honda satellite RC212Vs, whilst there was a crash for Tech 3 Yamaha´s James Toseland and broken chain for Kawasaki man John Hopkins.

Deserving of credit for his performance was 2007 World Champion Casey Stoner, despite the fact that he finished in last place. The Australian had been fighting for the podium until the twentieth lap, and pushed his Ducati Desmosedici GP8 nearly the entire length of the track to switch machines after it broke down. His teammate Marco Melandri was the only other rider to change bikes during the race.

Rossi now leads the World Championship by three points from Lorenzo and Pedrosa, level on points in second.

Just for Fun

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rider's From Indonesia

Dony tata pradipta,rider MotoGp at 250cc class,who come from indonesia,was born in sleman yogyakarta at 21 January 1990.
Try to bring of Indonesia to International Event at.
Go Dony tata...Go....We All of Indonesian people will Pray for Your Success...
Keep Spirits and be Number One.


The Minangkabau are a vibrant matrilineal and Islamic people living in West Sumatra. They are one of the largest matrilineal societies in the world, numbering about 4.5 million people. They are considered a devoutly Islamic people who have established a harmonious balance between their Islamic and matrilineal practices. Inheritance of land and houses passes from mothers to daughters so that senior women living in the rural agricultural areas control land, labor and kin. Mothers and their daughters form the core of the big lineage houses, although many daughters today have decided to build their own houses separate from their mother’s houses. Wet rice agriculture is the primary source of income in the fertile valleys of the highlands.
in this picture u can see that we calleed "RUMAH GADANG"in minangkabau.
there where i'm come form

Friday, May 16, 2008

People With Blood Types

According to a Japanese institute that does research on blood types, there are certain personality traits that seem to match up with certain blood types.

You want to be a leader, and when you see something you want, you keep striving until you achieve your goal. You are a trend-setter, loyal, passionate, and self-confident. Your weaknesses include vanity and jealously and a tendency to be too competitive.

You like harmony, peace and organization. You work well with others, and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among your weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.

You're a rugged individualist, who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way. Creative and flexible, you adapt easily to any situation. But your insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.

Cool and controlled, you're generally well liked and always put people at ease. You're a natural entertainer who's tactful and fair. But you're standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

So....What Type are You???

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Miss Indonesia

this is Fhoto's from Miss Indonesia 2008,please see this Fhoto's and see my lattest Posting,,give your comment...

Please Hear Us...

Salahkah mereka kalau mereka harus turun kejalan dan meneriakan suara hati untuk meminta kepada pemerintah untuk tidak lebih memperparah dan membuat lebih sengsara dengan kenaikan harga BBM????!!!

Macro Virus

A type of computer virus that is encoded as a macro embedded in a document. Many applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, support powerful macro languages. These applications allow you to embed a macro in a document, and have the macro execute each time the document is opened.

According to some estimates, 75% of all viruses today are macro viruses. Once a macro virus gets onto your machine, it can embed itself in all future documents you create with the application. Antivirus programs can protect your system against most macro viruses, although new ones are always being created that slip by the antivirus filters


A program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves. All computer viruses are manmade. A simple virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is relatively easy to produce. Even such a simple virus is dangerous because it will quickly use all available memory and bring the system to a halt. An even more dangerous type of virus is one capable of transmitting itself across networks and bypassing security systems.

Since 1987, when a virus infected ARPANET, a large network used by the Defense Department and many universities, many antivirus programs have become available. These programs periodically check your computer system for the best-known types of viruses.

Some people distinguish between general viruses and worms. A worm is a special type of virus that can replicate itself and use memory, but cannot attach itself to other programs

Iraq Will Cripple the U.S

"IRAQ WILL CRIPPLE the U.S. with cyber-attacks," the fearmongers warned. I tell you, everyone got into the act — from Congress to the FBI to former CIA officials to computer security salesmen.
Even a fire-breathing Muslim cleric living the high life in Britain got into the act. Even a delusional narcissistic hacker living in the slums of Kuala Lumpur got into the act. I tell you, everyone screamed about the coming cybergeddon.

Hmph. Wusses. All of them.

I mean, c'mon! How much effort does it take to open a digital can of whoop-ass on the United States? From what I hear, even a 14yr-old Iraqi nomad can remotely shut down our national power grid and remotely pollute our vital toilet water supplies.

Let's review what the "experts" said as they pounded the drums of cyber-war.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

eToro Review

The Forex trading industry

With a daily turnover of over $3.2 trillion, as estimated by The Bank of International Settlement, the Forex market has quickly become the world’s biggest and most liquid financial market. Nevertheless, it is a market that has up until now allowed very narrow access to private traders, since it customarily uses terminology and procedures that can take years to grasp.

About eToro

eToro has developed a cutting edge Forex trading software, catering to novice and veteran traders alike by way of a user friendly trading interface, and various additional features that render the vast world of Forex trading accessible to new traders. eToro’s easy to use platform makes foreign exchange trading almost entirely intuitive, through its extensive use of trade visualization. eToro’s platform is also designed to make Forex trading a community oriented experience, with such features as private and public chats, forums and championships.

eToro’s provision of an opportunity to acquire trading experience by trading for virtual money, makes this platform hugely attractive to beginner traders, since it enables them to get their chops without risking any of their money. This way, novices can get a fundamental understanding of the world of Forex, before they dive in. Furthermore, eToro makes the learning experience a smooth and painless one, by replacing the complex charts and lingo that the Forex market is famous for, with step by step instructions, tutorials, professional support and creative graphic representations of trading activity.

eToro’s forward thinking approach combines all the advantages of the Forex market, namely its scale, its liquidity and its extent of opportunity, with all the advantages of online technology, in order to create a user friendly access to an enormous and complex industry.

Overall, eToro has produced the ultimate trading environment, where one can learn, develop, communicate, and grow according to one’s individual needs.

eToro’s Features:

eToro has designed a cornucopia of features that make trading, monitoring, communicating and staying informed simpler than ever. These features include:

Visual representations: Trades are depicted through various creative representations, so you can monitor your activity with ease.

Practice mode: Polish your skills by trading with virtual money for live rates, before putting them to the test.

Competitions: Compete against fellow traders for cash prizes and Forex glory – with no entry fees.

Chat: Whether it’s Forex or romance, discuss it all with your trader friends in public or private chats.

Trade: Enjoy real time execution with all your trades.

Low Spreads: Save a fortune on eToros super low spreads - as low as 2 pips on the majority of currency pairs.

Download eToro for FREE now to experience the world of Forex trading to the fullest.