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Friday, February 27, 2009

Time to Lose Weight in a Comfortable Way

Many people have tried to lose weight using impossible workouts and even more impossible diets. But if you are trying to increase your health, become more fit and look thinner try these simple tips and steps!

Try this steps
1. Start out by looking at your current diet. Write down everything you eat in one week. You also may want to write down some little things like why you were eating a certain thing (like you were sad or it was at a party). DO NOT CHEAT! This is for you and you only. Be sure to keep honest and accurate notes (even though it would be nice to say you had one piece of cake when you really had two!). Sometimes, looking at all the bad choices you make helps you make better choices because you can see that your eating is out of control. You may even start to notice changes over the course of this week.
2. After the week is over, examine your diet carefully. Look at the reasons why you ate what you did. Come up with some solutions, like if you were bored while watching t.v and you ate four bags of chips, keep a knitting basket by your t.v and everytime you sit down, have your hands busy. Also, get into a routine. Eat every 4 hours even if you're not hungry so that you won't pig out if you miss a meal. To help get into this habit, keep a pack of sugar-free gum with you, and stick a piece in your mouth when you're feeling hungry.
3. Now for exercise. This is again getting yourself into healthy routines. When you wake up in the morning, do 10 sit-ups (and as you get stronger, increase that amount). This will also help wake you up!
4. When you come home from work or school, or just in the afternoon, run for 30 minutes. You can do this twice a week, and gradually increase the amount of time you run for and the amount of times a week you run. Eventualy, you should be running everyday for a good 45 minutes. Some running tips are to stretch before and after a run, start a run and end a run by walking for 10 minutes before and after, drink tons of water, and listen to music like an I-pod or CD player while you run. Listening to music will distract you from how tired you really are! It's a great tip!
5. At night before bed, do 10 more sit-ups. Again, this number should increase over time!

Some tips for you
* Don't eat less than three hours before you go to bed. If you eat then go to bed the food you ate digests the same, but the calories from the food have nowhere to go.
* Don't eat when you're not hungry. There is no point to eat when you're not hungry. Many people are overweight because they eat when they're not hungry.
* Drink a lot of water, usually 8 glasses a day. The truth is that water flushes out all the toxins & fat from your body, so drink up.
* Keep busy and active. The more hobbies you have, the less time you'll have to lay around and munch.
* Try a sport, like swimming. You can have fun, and become healthy.
* Make a schedule. If you keep yourself in routines you will do more activites like running to lose weight, and you also won't have time to stray from this schedule and munch when you're not really hungry!
* Try using mouthwash every two hours. You'll be a lot less tempted to eat when everything tastes like mint.

* Do not ever try to starve yourself! You will not be healthy, and you may even may end up gaining weight, because you overeat when you try to get yourself back to a healthy weight.
* (more of a reminder) I know a lot of stuff to get obesity off your mind-
* try consulting music players, sports, pets, etc. to get your mind off it
* Do not use a lot of mouthwash, it can cause mouth cancer!

All the things You'll Need
* notebook & pen
* sugar-free gum (optional)
* walking shoes (optional)
* music player (optional)
* A friend
* New clothes for your new body

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