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Monday, March 30, 2009

Introduce : Flixya

Whether you enjoy writing a blog (an online journal), publishing your own home videos or uploading pictures--you are sure to find something to keep you busy on a website called Flixya. Gone are the days of holding an audience captive to watch your home movies. The Internet as well as Flixya gives you a whole new way to display your movies and blogs.

This is the Instructions


Register for a free Flixya account using the link in resources which follows this article. Start on the right hand side of your computer screen by clicking the "sign up" button or you can Click "IN HERE"


Pick a Flixya username and password that has not already been taken. It is important that the username you pick will be both meaningful and significant for you. Recall this information to use your Flixya account in the future. You can use your first and last name, they will not be displayed on the website without your permission. Enter the text to verify that you are indeed human. Click the "start now" button on your screen to verify your information on the Flixya website.



Confirm your Flixya account in your email if you are asked. You should be ready to download or blog whenever you wish. Click the Flixya login button to get started. Enter your unique Flixya username and password.


If you want to upload a video to Flixya, click "Upload Videos" and follow the on-screen prompts. If your file is too large or the format is not acceptable, you will have to modify or choose another before uploading. You will be prompted to download "video egg" free software to assist the upload process.



To upload photos to Flixya, click the "Upload Photos" and follow the on screen directions. JPEG or JPG is the most common format. Locate the desired photos, usually found in my pictures inside of the my documents folder on your computer.
Wait for them to upload and display on Flixya. Blog or write a caption if you wish.
Use Flixya to display your online scrapbook. Include a few photos of yourself or profile photo for your Flixya activity.


Find friends on Flixya that will view your items or invite friends from your email address book. Click "browse and find friends." If you post interesting photos, videos and blog topics, more will come and see your offerings. Do not forget to visit your Flixya friends frequently so they may comment on your profile in return.

Tips & Warnings for you all

  • You should already have a Google Adsense Account to maximize the potential of Flixya. If you do not have one, a sign up link can be found below.
  • Practice using the features until you are comfortable.
  • Do not be afraid to use the help or FAQ section for assistance.
  • Flixya accounts are free.
  • The more interaction you have, the more fun flixya becomes.
  • Do not upload any copyrighted material or material you do not have rights to.
  • Do not post inappropriate material.
  • Do not click on your own ads or have your friends click on them.
  • Acceptable formats will be displayed for you in the case your videos is not in the proper format on Flixya.