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Monday, March 30, 2009

Walk Safely at Night

Steps you can take to improve your safety when walking at night.
this ih the steps
1. Be inconspicuous when walking or cycling at night-time.
2. Wear clothing that would not draw attention to yourself unless cycling. When cycling at night reflective clothing and lights are necessary in order to be visible to automobile traffic.
3. Stick to well-lit and heavily traveled streets, such as town centers.
4. Walk or cycle without hesitation. If you look confident you are less likely to attract unwanted attention.
5. Have a little bottle of pepper spray or some kind of defense weapon with you and be able to access it easily.

Some tips
* Do not walk with your CD player, Walkman, or mp3 player playing. If you absolutely must listen to your music, turn it to a low volume so that you can listen for footsteps behind you. Also consider playing it in one ear, leaving the other one free to listen.
* If possible tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
* Keep your mobile phone switched on and within easy reach in case of emergencies.


* Stay out of the road at night.
* Walk safely off the road and clear of any traffic.
* Avoid deserted parks and alleyways; even if this means taking a longer, but safer, route home.
* Use your neck like an owl would. Always check your surroundings for danger as you walk at night.
* Do not walk or cycle whilst chatting to a friend on your mobile phone. You must keep your wits about you.
* Check the policy for your country/state before buying pepper spray, since it is illegal in some places.
* Don't cycle at night when drunk, or even in daytime, your reactions are considerably slower under the influence.
* Many people, despite believing they can, can't hear someone sneaking behind them when listening to music
* Wearing anything on your ears makes you a more likely target, as a predator is likely to think you will be easy to sneak up on.
* If you do use a self defense weapon, make sure that you have been trained to use it.