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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Friend Need You After a Breakup #2

10. Remind them that they're likely to start putting their ex on a pedestal, focusing only on the good stuff and filtering out the bad. Nobody is perfect, and no relationship is perfect - so helping your friend focus on or remember those imperfections will keep them grounded in reality.
11. Recommend they connect to the net and begin re-connecting with their friends.
12. Tell them it's a well known fact that time always heals. The thought that their suffering will naturally come to end one day can speed that process along.
13. Remind them that the sooner they forget the past and start building a positive future based on today the better.
14. Give your friend a hug.

Tips for You

* Give the ex the silent treatment and let them know that you think they totally messed up.
* Comfort your friend every time they seem down.
Please try and Good Luck for You All...

1 comment:

Our Love Story said...

i like this post! am just lucky enough to have friends who comforted me when my ex bf broke up with me before... it reallymeans a lot to have friends who care enough!

"a true friend is like a blood... it sustains life yet it is not visible... but it comes out everytime you are wounded!"

thanks for sharing!