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Friday, May 23, 2008

Understand Body Language #2

4. Understand meanings of the placement of legs.
* When you hold your legs close together, you are saying, "I am modest."
* When you hold your legs far apart, you are saying, "I am not modest."
5. Placing your shoulders.
* When your shoulders are open and wide, you are saying, "I would like to meet new people."
* When your shoulders are closed and hunched, you are saying, "Leave me alone, please."
6. Understand the meanings of physical contact.
* When you touch someone on the arm, you are saying, "I want us to be close."
* When you touch someone on the waist/neck/face, you are saying, "I am physically attracted to you.
7. Understand the general condition.
* When you are tense, you are saying, "I am not comfortable."
* When you are relaxed, you are saying, "I am comfortable."
* When you fidget, you are saying, "I want to find something better to do."
Here is tips for you :
* Note that when you use these in combination, they will be interpreted as such. For example, if a guy looks a female stranger in the eye, but he is tense, he is sending the message, "I want to know more about you, but you make me very uncomfortable." Or if he looks at your mouth he 1: wants to kiss you or 2; likes your smile or theres something stuck in your teeth. After that the girl may respond by closing her eyes halfway and looking away as if to say, "I am suspicious of your motive and I don't like you."
* It is best to be relaxed at all times, because no one wants to be with someone who is uncomfortable.

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