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Saturday, May 17, 2008


The Minangkabau are a vibrant matrilineal and Islamic people living in West Sumatra. They are one of the largest matrilineal societies in the world, numbering about 4.5 million people. They are considered a devoutly Islamic people who have established a harmonious balance between their Islamic and matrilineal practices. Inheritance of land and houses passes from mothers to daughters so that senior women living in the rural agricultural areas control land, labor and kin. Mothers and their daughters form the core of the big lineage houses, although many daughters today have decided to build their own houses separate from their mother’s houses. Wet rice agriculture is the primary source of income in the fertile valleys of the highlands.
in this picture u can see that we calleed "RUMAH GADANG"in minangkabau.
there where i'm come form

1 comment:

Portia said...

How i wish i can come here! I always fancy Indonesia and i bet Sumatra is a very nice place.