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Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Hug a Girl #1

Especially in high school, hugging a girl can be an awkward new experience in a new relationship. Maybe you decided that previous hugs hadn't worked out, or maybe you really have no idea what should be going on in a hug. Well, your worries are over!
Folowing this steps
1. Do things in the right environment. Hugs aren't as effective in crowded areas, or places that other people might be staring at you. It's awkward when your best friend walks by while you're hugging someone and tries to chat you up. Try a quiet street or park, or if you're inside, go to the the corner of the room. Drinking fountains are also good places.
2. Approach with caution, but confidence. That may sound impossible, but can be practiced in other situations. You should be sure the girl is prepared for a hug, at least as far as the relationship goes.
3. Look into her eyes for a few seconds. Sometimes it's good to say something like "How was your day?" or some other relatively unimportant small talk that doesn't call for a long reply... hopefully. The reply can come as an advantage, as a bad day might warrant a hug.
4. Lean your torso forward and extend your arms. The girl should pick up on this: if she doesn't, pull back momentarily, just for a split second, to make sure she wants the hug. If you don't get the impression that she wants the hug, change your extended arms to a quick pat on the shoulder or back. However, chances are the girl will extend her arms towards you as well. Take a step forward so that her feet and your feet are or are nearly touching.
5. Place your arms around her waist; her arms should be directed to either your waist or your shoulders, it depends and doesn't particularly matter. The first few seconds of a hug are just like any other hug: firm but gentle. Do not immediately start moving your hands around her back. this will probably make the girl feel a little uncomfortable, and she'll back away. Especially do not place your hands in inappropriate places of the girl's body.
6. Move your arms around her back just a few inches up and down, do not pat her back, this makes the hug awkward and makes the hug too friendly. From here the hug can go a few directions. One option is to hold her tighter and lift her up off her feet by leaning backwards, then turning around halfway or all the way. This is a playful and fun hug, but be sure the girl is going to accept it. Another option is to slowly sway back and forth, exchanging your weight on each foot. Whichever direction your hug goes, a first hug should probably not last any more than four to five seconds.

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