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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tips to Control Your Temper

1. Realize that things can be handled well at all times; it's just a matter of what kind of attitude you put into it.Take deep breaths.
2. Be considerate of others, and ultimately, yourself. The way you react will ultimately affect your surroundings. If you have to rebuke someone for doing something wrong, you can always do it calmly, in a private place. This method is always better for everyone in the long run.
3. Realize that no one likes to be around people who get angry easily, and act abusive. The only way you can change the situation is by starting with yourself.
4. Get away from situations where your anger might get the best of you, such as when someone is teasing you. Ignore the other person and walk away. If you must, do this a few times until the person gets the hint that you will not tolerate it. It's okay to use your words or body language to tell somebody you will not tolerate how they are treating you, as long as you respond to them in a calm and matter of fact manner, without being overtly hurtful or trying to embarrass them as they have you. It's never okay to hit somebody for making fun.
5. Say, "peace" to someone who says something that is ignorant, and then walk away.
6. If you are angry and you are standing, sit down, if you are sitting then lie down.
7. Remember that the reward for patience is happiness.
8. remember, 5 seconds stand between you and logic, count to 5, and remember that logic always beats anger.


Barbie said...

Hi Neo! Thks for sharing all these useful tips! I am so much into reading this type of articles!

I can be short temper sometimes, and just snap at ppl around me lol.. my bad =)

icebreaker said...

wow, good piece of info.. thanks for sharing!!! i most of the time lost my temper so easily. :(

Analyn said...

Good morning Neo, nice tips, can I post it to my blog too if it is ok? thank you Neo.

Chobits said...

Thanks for all the tips, it's so useful though i won't get angry so fast hehe~ ^^

Our Love Story said...

wow... this is really helpful! am sure gonna take these tips... i need this esp. in my work... ahaha! take care!