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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Way to Be a Supporting and Loving Stepparent #2

5. Coordinate with your partner on discipline. Parents of any marital status sometimes disagree on discipline for the children -- discuss as many issues as possible ahead of time, so you can tackle them as a team. Pay attention to patterns; they can tell you a lot about what future issues might be.
6. Maintain a loving and supportive household. It gives children the stability they need to feel safe.
7. Go slow. Don't expect the children to embrace you right away. Expect set-backs. Let the relationship develop at its own pace.
Then Following this tips

* Sometimes we learn lessons whether we're ready for them or not. Reacting to life's struggles often requires a delayed reaction so you can gain perspective. This is where your life vest comes in. Will you take a walk to gain insight, or will you divulge your emotions before assessing them? Know what brings you peace when you need that small distraction.
* Always remember children will be hurtful when their life routine has been changed to their disadvantage. Calm should be your motto; no good can come from escalating an already emotional situation.
* Spend time together and foster new relationships. Children need to know your marriage is strong. Show this by taking the time to listen to your children -- together. Even if the children protest, eat dinner together, go to the park, etc. Any time together they will remember. Teamwork is the key.
* If you give respect it should be expected in return.
* Never tell the child they are immature or are have horrible manners. Its really not your place. By doing this you set the child on edge and they are most likely not going to accept you.

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