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Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Hug a Girl #2

7. End the hug appropriately. It is likely that the girl will pull away before you do, though this is definitely not always true. If the girl does pull away first, simply let your arms slide out from her sides and back to rest at your own sides. If you decide to pull back first, it is basically the same principal but backwards.
8. Once the firm hug was completed correctly, before you approach your own sides with your arms, grab onto the very top of her pants, or belt loop. Look into your hugging partners eyes for a few seconds, feeling really confident. Once completed this, be strong.
9. Make eye contact for a few more seconds. Once you have done that, you are pretty much free to go or strike up a conversation. Sometimes it is better to leave right after a hug, as it can make both of you want to stay in each other's arms again and can strengthen a relationship.
Following this tips for you
* Try to have good hygiene.
* Some hugs are like a teddy bear, others are like a fortress. Sometimes they are both. Keep that in mind.
* As your relationship continues, you may hug more and more often. Experiment with hugs, but remember to keep them a shared experience and not a selfish feeling.
* You may want to whisper something in her ear while you're hugging.
* Don't hold her too tight, so don't squeeze her. Hold her firmly enough so she's comfortable. Just give her a light squeeze.
* If you know your girl well enough, she may be flattered if you pick her up and spin her, but some girls do not like that.
* If you must pat her back, make sure you don't do it too hard. You don't want to hurt her! However, some girls are uncomfortable with back-patting and are unlikely to hug you again any time soon.
* Just do it, the rest will come naturally.

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