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Friday, June 13, 2008

Be Fun to Be With #1

Most people like being around fun individuals. It's just human nature. People who are fun are usually quite popular among their friends, have good social lives and are rarely bored. Do you want to be a fun person? If so, read on.

This is the steps

1. Listen. Fun people don't do all the talking when it comes to conversations. Good conversations are crucial when you want to be a likeable person, and sometimes you just have to be quiet and listen. Realize too, that listening is a learnable skill that takes practice, and it's more difficult than many people believe. So talk about a topic/subject you want to, then listen to his/her opinion about it or let them start a topic for a convo.

2. Smile and laugh. Laugh because people like people who laugh with them (not at them). This makes people happy and brightens the way they think of you. It makes you seem like you truly love life and you can deal with any problems that you have to face. Be a happy person, not ditsy and uncaring, but optimistic. Think about the people you most enjoy being with, usually they are always on the up and up. There are times to be sad, but they should not take up a majority of your time.

3. Make eye contact. This is very important because it makes people feel like they have all of your attention, you are listening, interested in what they have to say and they are getting the attention that they deserve. It also makes you seem more trustworthy, honest, and open. If you are always shifting your eyes around and looking at everything but the person you're talking to, people will think that you don't care what they have to say or you have something to hide.

4. Be active. Are you having fun when you are sitting at a bench, looking down and not doing anything at all? In order to be fun to be with, you need to be active, to stand up, to be creative. Maybe do a "happy dance" when something good happens, take up a sport, or twirl around to cheer someone up. It works!

5. Be curious. Know what you'll be doing later. If you get turned down or rejected, move on. You never know what's going to happen until you try. Always try to seek out more knowledge or skill in an area that interests you. It will really improve your character. Go ride a bike past the local park or walk to the nearest local hangout spot because you never know who you'll meet.

6. Care about yourself. In order to be a fun person, you must be confident. Also, physically take care of yourself--practice personal hygiene, Eat Healthy for Life, and Get Fit.

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