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Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's Time To Get a Girl's Attention #1

Guys often try way too hard or don't give any effort at all. ( This how-to written, of course, by a girl) will let you know what a girl is really into.

This is the steps

1. DON'T CHANGE WHO YOU ARE FOR HER! Be yourself, and if she doesn't like you for that then she isn't right for you. The last thing you need is a girl who's not interested in the real you. No matter how gorgeous or fantastic she is - it isn't worth it!

2. Always smell fresh and clean.Bad breath will be something you regret. Brush your teeth, style your hair, and dress well enough that it is obvious to her that you know how to take care of yourself (FYI - even this starting point will rank you way past most of the guys out there)

3. Wear cologne. Not too much, but enough so that the girl will recognize it when in proximity of you. When picking out cologne, try to stick to the same type and try to avoid common scents - but don't go with an scent that is too unfamiliar. Get a few tester bottles (these are free) and wear each one on separate days. You are doing this so you can figure out which you like the most and which works best for your chemistry. You may do different variations of scent as well. Using natural extract oils, such as lavender, vanilla, and the like will give you a unique smell (most natural foods stores will have these items) at a lower cost.

4. Listen when you engage in conversation. Girls can tell if you are distracted or if you don't really care about the subject. They know these things, regardless if you think they can't tell. By listening, you show that you genuinely care about her and her interests (plus, everyone loves talking about themselves, even more, they love people who want to hear them talk). Also, when engaging in conversation don't second guess yourself when you speak. There will be a point when you need to discuss your interests and preferred activities. Do not ask for their approval, but keep the dialog about your respective self short and never incriminating nor negative. This will generate both "mystery" and a sense of decency of your persona matched with beautiful confidence and conciseness.

5. Pay attention to the details. When you're dressing, do you look like every other boy? Flipped up collar, same shoes, same look, same talk. Time to change, baby. Find something custom to you, whether it is how you wear your belts, your shirts, hat(s), any form of jewelry, whatever! This shouldn't be overdone. Really be your self, what we mean here is, be who you are. Confidence is key, but play a LITTLE hard to get! It should be a reflection of yourself and your difference among "all the other boys." Don't be scared to stand out. Women will associate your attention to the details with how serious you are about them.

6. Be sure to notice the little touches to dress and style that she may have added. Pass a compliment that is one of a kind and you may have just struck the strings of her heart, example: "wow, I love the pink with green eye shadow you use, it's so vivid." She took some time doing that, so you'd better take note.

7. Pay attention to your hair and eyes. These are two of the most important features of all when a girl is checking out a guy. Hair should be clean, properly conditioned, but it's also very hot when a guy's hair has a messy style.[Messy as in clean, but not brushed] As for eyes, there really isn't much that you can control. Contacts are an option, but aren't natural and can be misleading.

8. Make eye contact, hold for 4 seconds, look away. Repeat. But looking at them directly in the eyes during conversation and not jolting side-to-side will gain their trust and probably their respect, and should be done for maybe 9 seconds. But, don't focus on counting. Just do what is confortable for her. Show her some love boy!

9. Keep in shape, but don't obsess. It probably wouldn't hurt to do some basic crunches and push ups each day. You'll feel better about yourself internally and look better externally. If you have any sports such as running, bicycling, hiking, if you exploit them in a positive manner, you may find yourself unintentionally exercising and accidentally gaining a more attractive physique. Either way, you'll do fine, unless you are extremely overweight, in which case, this article may not help you.

10. Be funny at times, but also sincere too. If you look deep into her eyes at some point, even if it's just to thank her for something, she'll be won over; this has got to be done sparingly! No girl wants a boy who is overly serious and always sincere, so just make sure it's tactfully implemented. Give her a taste and then immediately switch to something funny or irrelevant. If you linger in her eyes too long, she'll get seriously creeped out!

11. Realize that personality is the basis of all attraction. Be nice, polite, sensitive and aware of our female needs, and don't be afraid to use those brains of yours! Every girl under the sun believes the intelligent male is as sexy as it gets, especially when it is accompanied by wit, style and personality. It is a serious turn on when a guy shows a little intellect every once in a while.

12. Don't be jealous. You're not committed, so just smile and go with the flow. If she introduces a guy friend to you, smile, say hello and immediately shake his hand and make small talk. If you're confident in yourself, she will more likely be confident in you, too. Plus, she may ask the guy friend later what he thinks about you, & you want to make a good impression.

13. Learn that women love a confident man. They are extremely adept determining your level of confidence reading your non-verbal communication. They will pick-up your non-verbal signals that you wouldn't even have a clue about.

14. If you are at a bar or a club, and you see a girl you want to talk too, try to be calm, and get eye contact first, you can see if she finds you interesting, and then make your move! Good luck!

15. See if you like any thing she does. If you do talk to her about that stuff.

16. Talk about things in your life that relate to hers, and then let her converse with you. Everyone likes to talk about their lives, and what better way to talk about it than with someone else sharing their interests?

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