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Friday, June 13, 2008

Be Fun to Be With #2

7. Be sociable and friendly. In order to be fun to be with, you'll need to build some new relationships so people start noticing you. Be friendly to everyone--people who were mean to you, that guy that sits next to you in math class, your team captain--everyone. Treat your new friendships well. Praise them, cheer them up when they're down. Joke with them (not at them), help them, invite them to parties, etc. Just be yourself, and be a people person. Be friendly, kind, giving, caring, generous, learn about them, and make the want to know more about you. Be mysterious and intriguing! It totally works.

8. Dont be afraid to really go out there! If you are afraid of people thinking you are weird, strange, etc., just think of the bright side. You don't need them, and hey! you're trying to meet new people anyway, so it will take your mind off the negatives.Plus who cares about what anyone else thinks. Don't let anyone be an azz and label u. Be who you want to be and dont be afraid to be yourself. People hate phonies!! So go out there and rock the real u.

This is a Tips for you,hope useful

* Save some time each day for your own needs.

* Don't be afraid to be yourself, whether or not it overlaps or doesn't overlap with other people's interests. Be interested.

* Always pursue knowledge. Knowing a lot will help you become wittier.

* Know your limits, and let other people know those limits too.

* Always be trustful and honest. Be genuine and don't gossip about others.

Remember don’t do this :

* Don't only pay attention to being fun. You need to keep a more serious side and let it show at appropriate times too. If your friend is asking you for support through hard times, you need to take that as your responsibility and show them that you're a friend worth keeping. Same thing goes with your parents--show them that you deserve more freedom by doing what they say and being responsible.

* Don't try to make people think you are fun. It comes off as phony and pushy.

* Don't laugh at people. Laugh with them. It's good to laugh at yourself, though. You have to in order to stay happy through your mistakes and failures.

* Be aware that the kind of fun you're having is healthy, legal, and doesn't cause anyone any harm, including yourself.

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