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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time to Get the Girl Who Likes You to Know You Like Her Back

Is there a girl in your school who you know likes you? Here are some small steps to get her to know you like her and then ask her out.

This is the steps

1. First make sure she actually does like you

2. Look at her sometimes. Don't stare at her for a long time, but if she likes you she would be happy if you noticed her. If you look at her, and she looks back at you, smile.

3. Sit next to her. If you are going to sit down, sit next to her. If you are standing in a room, walk over to her and say hi.

4. Ask her out. If you are standing outside a classroom waiting to enter, go up to her and say hello, or hi. Ask her out, and then ask her for her phone number (But only if she looks like she is able to get out a piece of paper and write down her number.) If she likes you, she would probably say yes.

5. Plain and simple, tell her, get right to the point. However, make sure its just the two of you.

6. Make eye contact. It shows confidence.

* Don't forget that she likes you! If she really, really likes you it would be okay if anything embarrassing to you happened when you were asking her out- for example, dropping all your papers on the floor right when talking to you. (She might even think it's cute!)

* Don't ignore her. If you do ignore her, she will think you don't like her.

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