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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time to Make the Girl You Like Miss You

So you like a girl? And when your gone you want yourself to be the only thing on her mind?

Do it this

1. In order for her to miss you when you aren't around, you have to leave and ending impression with the last time you see her. Say something that makes her think. Say something that is kind of confusing, like on of those things that drives you crazy if you cant think of it.

2. Whenever you talk to her, seem kind of uninterested in conversation with her. Not like rudely uninterested, but enough that it makes her want to talk to you more.

3. Don't seem too enthusiastic about things. Lie if she says something like okay well ill see you tomorrow or whatever, just be like yea, see yeah. Don't be all bye! Just take everything easy when your around.

4. Joke around with her. Lie say things that are kind of mean, poke fun at her, jokingly of course. This way, it shows her that you can have a good time, but you aren't obsessed with her, and your a fun person to be around.

5. The next time you see her, don't be afraid to say "did you miss me?" most people would take that in a i know you missed me, don't lie about it, you cant stand being away from me, but jokingly type of way.

Good Luck bro……


Mira said...

Interesting! Just be yourself and don't pretend are other ways too ;-)
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Our Love Story said...

ahaha... sense of humor is really one big factor that makes a man lovable! nice post!!!!