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Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's Time To Get a Girl's Attention #2

17. Recognize that often the more you like her, the harder it will be for you to try to develop a relationship. Don't let this happen - have self confidence because if you don't go after it, someone else will.

18. Play with kids. Girls notice this right away, especially if you are enjoying the kids & they are enjoying you. Guys that play with kids appear tender & compassionate. But don't be Mister Touchy Feely GUY! If you are a kid or teen, do it with pets or babies. Maybe a babysitting date would be good? (BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR IT! If you aren't, don't sweat it. You are a great guy with a lot to offer.

19. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, learn a musical instrument, like a guitar, saxophone, or something else unique. It sets you apart from other guys. Guys who are musically inclined are a definite turn-on. Girls see them as sexy & passionate. If you don't play an instrument, but your girl does, really listen to her music. Most musicians feel their music is a part of who they are. Never make fun. (Remember: It is easy to lose interest in a instrument, so make sure you really want to do it. Not just for this girl.)

20. Be a gentleman. Some girls may be uncomfortable with this, as they aren't used to receiving any kind of special treatment, but most girls will appreciate it. A guy who opens doors for girls, holds an umbrella for them when it's raining, talks to girls with respect & not like they're "one of the guys", etc. will definitely catch a girl's eye. Keep in mind that the kind of girls that really love it when guys act like gentlemen probably will not make the first move, even if they really like you.

21. You only live once. Take a risk. If she says no, keep on rolling! Its only 1 girl, there are other fish in the sea.

Wacth this tips

* Don't ever try too hard, she'll lose interest fast. Make sure she sees you laughing with your guy friends occasionally. When you make time for her, don't rub it in, but certainly on a here and there basis it may be in your favor to let her know you made the time available, it certainly wasn't out of desperation or lack of things or women to do. She needs to know you have an independent life outside of her.

* Make friends with her friends. They may just tell her you're a great guy. Don't get involved with any of them, though.

* Make the first move! Courage is attractive.

* Bring up the gossip from other people, it gets her excited.

* Profanity is not the answer to trying to look cool or tough.

* Swearing isn't great you're not going to win any hands by being a potty mouth.

* Smile. It's charming.

* Stand up for her. If you see someone bullying her or just being a jerk to her, go up to them (in front of her) and say, "Hey, man, knock it off, okay?" Don't act all tough guy or anything. Just be confident.

* If you happen to embaress yourself just laugh at it. Girls love someone who can just like that. But never laugh at someone else laugh with them

* Sometimes the ones that are not so popular are the best ones for you.

* Make sure that the object of your affection doesn't have a boyfriend. Be subtle in determining whether or not she has a boyfriend [for example, look for a ring]. It's generally not recommended to ask her directly, as it tends to come off as brash and self-centered.

* Wink at her

* Take out a pen and write your number on her hand, then say "call me" in a deep (not too deep or fake) voice. Do it and look in her eyes smile and walk away, you have her.

* Compliments makes a girl feel good about herself and more willing to open up to you!

* Joke with her. Doing that makes her sure that you are confident and have a sense of humor.

* Try to be her friend first.

* Don't just go up to her and ask her out first. Start a conversation and go from there.

* Try not to embarrass yourself.

* When conversing with her as well as other females, position yourself closer to her. No matter who the other person is, do it. It shows that you're into her. It's subtle body language.

* Don't use cheesy pick-up lines such as "Do you have a mirror in your pocket?..." This is pointless and will most likely ruin it for you.

* Randomly walk up to her and give her a compliment and walk away. This will make her happy and become interested in you.

* Give her a hug from behind and hold her for a few seconds. But don't be too clingy. Its really annoying when a guy wont leave a girl alone.

* If you make fun of her she probably will not become interested, and might even become angry with you.

* If she's shy don't automatically dismiss her and talk to someone else, you were the one who was interested in her first

Good Luck and hope success to you……

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