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Monday, June 9, 2008

Time to Be a Party Boy

Ever have those days where you just feel like partyin'? Well here's how the step:

1. The best place to be a party boy is in school, college, the office, etc. For school you'll want to do it on the last day so you won't get in a lot of (if any) trouble

2. First, choose your location. Assuming it's the last day of school, you will find many groups of people sitting in assemblies, getting their yearbooks signed, and so on and so forth.

3. Burn Party Boy on your iPod or better, a CD. You can get speakers for your iPod, but those are often difficult to carry, and you're better with a CD and radio, as they are also louder.

4. If you have the music ready to go, and you're in a good crowd, get ready to party boy! Try getting every body's attention by yelling or blowing a whistle.

5. If you're really serious, you can pull off your pants and wear a G-String, but normal clothes and dancing is just fine for the students.

6. Don't be shy. It's not funny when you're dancing on a vending machine or just hopping around. When you see a shy and awkward little girl, go up and harass her! When you see your best friend, freak him out! Best though, is when you see your crush, and go harass her -you get the point.

7. In school the main thing to do is to get everybody. Even if you're the stupid little freshman, you have to get the ripped gym teacher and tallest senior in sight.

Remember this

* Don't be shy!!! Look and act excited, like you want to party!

* Don't dance on the same people for five minutes, or it gets boring.

* Party Boy EVERYBODY-not just your best friends.

* Don't get into too much trouble, but don't stop when a teacher freaks out at you.

* Don't hurt anybody accidentally

* Don't get in too much trouble

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