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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Have Fun at Home on a Saturday Night

Nothing to do on a Saturday night and Monopoly and TV sound lame? This article will help you have a fun night at home on Saturday night!

Following this steps :

1. Have a space where you can have indoor and outdoor fun. Like a backyard, a deck, a living room,a garage, or even a cottage.

2. For a really cool idea build a home bar. You will need a nice bar, bar stools, a sink, glasses, fruit, neon lights, the works. You can have drinks, but they don't have to be alchoholic.

3. Have couches and tables around randomly, and have plenty of floor space for inside.

4. If your place is outside, make sure it is cleaned and kept well; fix up any old furniture and keep your lawn nice and green if you can. Have lights outside for the night so people can see.

5. If you are on a low budget work with what you have; fix up old things for your space that people can have fun in, like covers for old furniture, put your biggest TV in your fun room, buy used things that you can pick up at second hand stores, wherever.

This is tips for you,hope is useful

* Learn to play poker, since it is a great game to play and it takes up a good chunk of the night.

* Have a pool table and practice every night and invite a few people over to play pool once in awhile.

* Rent some old movies. New ones are good too, but old ones are fun to watch too, or more unknown movies.

* Play hide and go seek in the woods

* If your fun place is a garage buy an old junk car or pedal bike and fix it up into the coolest thing ever.

* Campfires are great to hang out at, whether you're 10 and telling ghost stories, young and snuggling with your girlfriend/boyfriend, having a good time with friends, it's all good.

* Get your friends in on this too, and every week you go to someone else's house. (This is great if you are on a low budget.) So maybe one week you play a game at a friend's house, then play pool next week at someone else's house, have a campfire at your place and the week after that you party at someone else's house.

* Get a girl/boyfriend

* Don't spend a lot of money and instead use what you've got. for a cool movie look turn the lights off cook up some popcorn and let your kids(if you have any)

* invite a friend over or invite one of your friends over.buy some ice cream or ice blocks, get some pillows and make a your couch look cool and soft.If its cold make up some hot chocolate and put some yummy stuff in it. try to have a little interruption (like the phone ringing and people coming to your door) as possible and have a good time.


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