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Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to Be a Party Girl #2

16. Tip well. Nothing spreads a bad reputation like being a cheap party girl. Make sure if someone is buying for you that they also tip well. Bad tipping can make you guilty by association. If you're with a bad tipper, throw them some extra.

17. Consider the alternatives. Instead of alcohol, drink up those energy drinks!! Red Bull, Full Throttle, Monster etc are a perfect substitute for alcohol.

* Actually they are better because they give you energy, don't cause hangovers, and you're still going to be aware of what you are doing.

* You get to laugh at all the drunk people making fools of themselves.

18. Make sure you say goodbye to everyone and get numbers from new party contacts before you head home

19. Review the night's events with your friends and make sure you remember names and events for future reference.

Remember this tips

* Don't make people think you are easy because it is dis tasteful

* If you think someone is trouble, simply stay away from them.

* Don't be shy! Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone new.

* Don't throw yourselves at boys because they think it's sexy. Your only acting like a slut and making girls think your a slut, etc.

* Always act like a lady. You can party like the queen and still have an excellent status the next weekend.

* Attitude is everything. Be you, but more mysterious and catchy.

For you attention :

* Don't drink if your under 21, you can still have a GREAT time without alcohol.

* Since I already told you not to drink, they you shouldn't need the lesson about drinking and driving.

* Never drink and drive! Very bad things could happen. If you have no ride home and others have been drinking make sure you don't get in the car with a drunk or drive. Call a cab or stay with a friend.

* If your over 21 and drinking, cover your drink at all times! You don't want people to slip something in your drink! If you're a familiar in the club scene the staff will watch out for you but you must still be cautious.

* DO NOT drink alcohol if you are under 21. This is illegal in the US (under 18 in the UK in a public place, 16 in private) and very dangerous for your health.

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