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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Deal With a Jealous Person #1

Whether you're dealing with a jealous acquaintance, relative, friend, mate or even a stranger, here's some step-by-step advice on how to respond. Also some tips to help you if you are feeling jealous as well.
1. Put yourself in the other person's shoes and understand the reasons behind his or her feelings. Jealousy often stems from insecurity or a sense of deep loss.
2. Offer encouragement and praise when something goes right for your friend, but whatever you do, don't hide your happiness for what is going right in your life. A true friend supports at all times and should be happy for your accomplishments.
3. Try to help the other person get what they are wishing to have. Give them helpful advice and suggestions.
4. Try not to say things that would make the person jealous. Don't have any big upset reaction to their jealousy because sometimes it feeds it. Stay calm and look them in the eye.
5. Look before you get involved with a very jealous person in a romantic relationship. If it is uncomfortable in any way-get out of the relationship at once. There are signs to watch for and it can be a big problem for you in the future. If they don't want you to have other friends-be careful. It is healthy and necessary for people to make friends, be comfortable around other people and make decisions based on your feelings or your judgement.
6. Realize that jealousy can be the root of many evil behaviors/ painful thoughts and even ruin a person. Everyone can feel jealous once in awhile but if it is always present and bothering you should seek help immediately. If you feel like you are doing strange, out of character things: spying, going through a person's things, waiting in your car at their work,etc. than you might be in the state of "romantic jealousy". It can be agony and you need to talk to someone about your problem.
7. Listen to the little voice inside of you. If it tells you to avoid, be afraid or scared of a person-listen to it.
This is the Tips
* You might be a fun, beautiful, gregarious person that people are jealous of. Too bad. Let them. You won't serve yourself any better by catering to their hate.
* When someone is envious of you, it means that you have something they want. If you want to help them and they seem nice and worth the effort, offer to tell them where you got that shirt or those shoes. Tell them how you stay positive.


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