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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Way to Stop Your Friends Fighting

When your best friends get into a fight, you may get pulled into it. If you would like to know how to make this fighting stop, please continue reading for some suggestions.
This is the steps

1. Find out all of your friends who are included in the fight. Make sure that you know who did what and the main points of why the fighting is occurring. Ask other classmates/peers if they know any more details on this matter.
2. Explain to all of your friends involved in the fight that you're not planning to take a side. Let them know that you're only there to help and do not want to get dragged into this. Make sure not to skip this step, otherwise it will cause further problems along the road.
3. Listen to all of your friends. Try to find out the reason why they're fighting with one another from their point of view. Be a good listener, and try to support their opinion of the fight.
4. Make sure that the story of the fight is the same from each of your friends. Try to get the most accurate facts that you can on what had happened. Make sure not to mix your friend's opinions with what actually took place in this fight.
5. Attempt to gather all of your friends involved with the fight into one place where your voice can be heard. Explain to them the facts that you heard about the fight, and ask all of them if this is what really happen. Make sure to listen to them all again if they think something in your facts is inaccurate.
6. Let your friends know that you don't want this fight to ruin all of your friendship. Tell them that they should try their best to make up and sort this all out. On the other hand, you could also try to start all over with your friendship. Try to erase this incident from their minds by pretending it never happened.
Some tips for you
* Try to get all of your friends to speak their minds. Let them know that their opinions need to be heard if they want this fight to be resolved.
* Sometimes friends don't want to continue being friends anymore if the fight was a really bad one. Don't pressure your friends to continue being friends with the others involved in the fight if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe around them.
* Don't try to pick one friend to agree with. This could cause your other friend to get very mad at you, possibly resulting in losing a friendship.
* Don't spread what happened with your group of friends around the school. If your friends find out that you're spreading rumors about their argument, you may have lost all of your friends.

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