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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

End a Fight With a Friend #1

Sometimes we have a fight with a friend. Many times, you find that you even forgot what the fight was about. You just seemed to argue, and then stop talking to each other. Time goes by and you realize that you miss the friendship, and wished you could talk to your friend again. It is possible, and they probably feel the same way as you do. Someone has to take the initiative, and it might as well be you!
This is the Steps
1. Find out what the root issue is. Why did you have the fight?
2. Call your friend at a time that you feel they won't be tired, or too busy to talk.
3. Explain that you miss them and their friendship. Make sure you sound sincere and wait a few minutes to hear their response.
4. Reply to what they say, and how they feel. If they tell you that they were hurt by your actions, or your words, apologize.
5. Explain that at that moment, you did not realize how your words or actions had hurt them.
6. Respond by telling them, that you also were hurt by their attitude. That you felt betrayed or used.
7. Each of you, sincerely and honestly explain your feelings, and each of you listen to each other. They were hurt, and you were hurt. It takes two to argue, and it takes two to make up.
8. Talk until you each have said all you had to say. Get everything out, and then ask them to meet you for coffee, or a drink, or a walk.
9. Listen to how they react to meeting with you. If they are happy, and agree, then you have made up with your friend. However, expect that if they had been so completely hurt by the incident that caused the breakup, they might not agree to meet.
10. Consider this and understand that you had lost your friend and friendship.
11. Learn from the lesson that caused this breakup, and go on to making new friends.

and if they call you names or threatin to throw stuff at you just say how you feel then leave

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