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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time to Identify Bad Friends

There are the types of friends that are messy. They like to engage in gossip and bring your name into the conversation without your authorization. This might be because they want to make you look bad or to cover themselves.
1. Assets. They will also use you because you have assets like a car, your own apt./home, make lots of money, have vacation property, to get close to your bf or brother. They will eat up your house and home and even use your beauty products. But when you confront them, they become angry. They disrespect you and your belongings. You may also notice borrowing become an issue. They borrow money and never pay you back. Borrow your clothes, property, and never give it. Return it damaged. Let other people use/wear your belongings. They may also ask for a favor but can never return a favor.
2. "It's all about me" type of friends. They always talks about themselves. Also, they could care a less about you... your day, how your feeling, etc. You may also notice that they brag a lot. Whether it be about themselves, materialistic possessions, boyfriend, getting married, or a vacation, they always find something to make them sound better than you. Seems to always have an opinion about everything. An opinion is a person's ideas and thoughts towards something. It is an assessment, judgment or evaluation of something. An egocentric person has no theory of mind, cannot "put himself in other people's shoes," and believes everyone sees what he sees (or that what he sees in some way exceeds what others see. It appears that this is shown mostly in younger children. They are unable to separate their own beliefs, thoughts and ideas from others.
3. Poor me. Always come to you when they have problems for advice, but when you need to vent or advice they're very short with you. So not fair when you don't mind spending two hours plus to cool them down; instead for you it's like five minutes. You're not a therapist. They may also stay mad at you when you two are in a fight. This is because they can only see their point of view.
4. Clingy. Can't share you with other people. When they do see you with other people, they're jealous because they want you all to themselves. Can't include you to see a movie with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Spends lots of time with them, and when their other half is busy they want you all the time. They will ditch you for them if they come around.
5. Fake. Smiles in your face, but when around other people, make you feel small by continuously putting you down verbally. They may also do things such as drugs and deny it. They might promise to call you back, but never do. Always keeps you waiting. Always make excuses as to why they didn't call you.
6. Never acknowledges your ethnicity/culture. Considers you something else, and think it's alright to insult you heritage by using derogatory slang words around you knowing it offends you. Doesn't accept you for you for all that you are.

This is Tips for You:

* Don't set too many expectations and rules. That's just trapping others in your dimension.
* Allowing your friendship to evolve and change naturally is really best - it allows your friend to be as unique and individual as you are, and for both of you to enjoy one another in that light.
* If someone is in any difficulty and he/she's behave very hurtful to you, then don't be angry and try to understand their problems.

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