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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The way to Become Friends With the Guys That Hate You

Is there a group of guys in your school that you'd like to be friends with, even though they dislike you? You can make it happen.
Try this steps
1. Stop insulting them; they absolutely hate that.
2. Stop talking, but not completely, if you insult them.
3. When you do talk compliment them, make conversation like saying, "What did you get on the test?", "Cool shirt" or "Who's your favorite band", etc.
4. Talk to them on a regular basis, get help from them on something that they're good at.
5. Eventually they will come around. Trust me, I've done this many times and always works for me.

Some tips for You
* Don't look like a huge flirt.
* Be nice; even though it might be hard you can do it.
* Even if they make fun of you, don't crack.
* Don't change yourself,just be yourself

* You might end up liking them.
* If it's a boyfriend's guy friend, don't spend too much time together or you'll get hooked.
* You might prove yourself wrong and they might be really cool guys.
* If the guy hates you because he's around you too much like if your parents are good friends or something, you might want to lay off.

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