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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Survive a Negative Friend #2

* Be funny and help them to laugh.
* Allow them a bit of time to be negative - maybe that is all they need to feel better and more relaxed.
* Talk about mutual interests, and avoid sore subjects.
* Do things that keep conversation to a minimum, like going to a movie or taking a guided tour.
* If they are having big problems, you can suggest that they see a doctor, counselor, minister, call a mental health hotline, etc.

* Don't allow yourself to get drawn into the negativity.
* Don't go overboard with the compliments.
* Don't pester the friend.
* Don't assume the friend does not have a good reason to feel bad.
* Don't suddenly drop the friend because that will put him/her into even more of a negative emotional state.

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