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Monday, September 8, 2008

Deal With a Jealous Person #2

* Empowering them is a good way to diffuse their jealousy, but only do this for those people you feel are worthy of your time and energy. Ignore the others.
* Their jealousy is a mask for insecurity. Once you recognize there's nothing behind the veneer, you'll be fine.
* You have the right as a person to be in a stable healthy relationships. Choose to do so
* Jealous people will try to bring you down to their level. Don't let them. You don't have to be in a abusive relationship with anyone!
* If your mate is always jealous for no reason, accusing you of false affairs or activities, than you may be in trouble. Extreme jealousy can lead to very dangerous behavior. If you are not sure if your mate or date is mentally stable-be very careful. Stay safe and protect yourself. Don't make fun of them just reassure them that you care about them. Consider getting out of the relationship slowly and over time.
* Someone acting jealous does not mean they care about you. It means they have self esteem problems or can not except the end of the relationship.
* If you feel extreme jealousy and want to hurt the person or their belongings. Stop! Understand that your pain will stop over time and you will deeply regret any violence you have done. You need to reach out and talk to someone even if it is embarrassing. The person that you will feel jealous over has changed or moved on with their life. Ask yourself why? Try to "vent" out your strong feelings in writing as well just don't take actions towards the person.
* You have the right to end any conversation with a person who puts you down or is nasty in anyway.


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