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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

End a Fight With a Friend #2

This some Tips for you
* Its always better to let the argument simmer a little before confronting the person. If talk right after the fight, many things are said out of anger.
* Allowing bad feelings to brew for too long creates a situation that becomes more difficult to make up. So after the fight calms down, make sure you talk to the person before its too late.
* Its okay to be the first to give in and apologize. The other person probably wants to do it too, but it shows your courageous and a dedicated friend. Yet, if you're constantly in fights and always making up first, then take time to reconsider if this person is really a friend.
* If what you did to your friend was too hurtful it's better to just let that person cool down first or else you might just get yelled at with the reason why your friend got angry at you. So just say sorry after a few days so that the damage you made wouldn't be so fresh at to get that person more irritated at you.
* If the friend(s) are unforgiving then try to look back and see what you could have done. Read past emails, chats ect. This will help you understand thier point of view.
* When the disagreement was too hurtful, if your words or actions were too damaging, a friend might just not want to make up with you.
* If you had been disloyal, and did not reveal your true desire to continue a friendship, then think it over, and never say or do these things again.
* Avoid accusing the friend, if you accuse them it gives them more reason to fight back.
* True friends are hard to find and keep. Remember this. You will meet many friends in life, but only perhaps one will be true and sincere.

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