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Monday, September 15, 2008

Get Revenge on an Ex Friend

Sometimes people just get on your bad side. It is kind of unavoidable really...but revenge isn't. If you would like to get revenge in a manner that will have your ex friend get the picture without causing damage, check out this page.
1. Do some writing. Write a list of all the horrible things that he/she had done to you or your other friends.
2. Type the list and title it "Your Life". (Or an alternate title such as "Lies of the Present".) Customize the title to your liking.
3. Grab some tape! Tape the list to their locker, door, car door, backpack, desk, window, or any other place where they will see it. (If it is winter, don't put it outside, it will get all full of snow. But that's a no brainer!)
4. Casually hint them toward the list. If the list is on their locker you could say "Oh, yeah Beth, I almost forgot! My purse is in your locker! Can you go get it?" and hopefully, she will agree and go and get it, only to find a list of her treachery on her door.
5. Talk about the list. Explain what it is and what it means. Say that it represents your "friendship".
Following this Tips
* Don't pick a font that is crazy and unreadable. Times New Roman, pt 12. is fine.
* Don't include pictures.
* Sign the paper to "personalize" it.
* This kind of revenge is still revenge, keep in mind, so it may not be the way you want to go.
* Remember that revenge is usually not the first way to go, so think about if there's any other way to fix a problem before you resort to revenge.
* With new post 9/11 laws, you could be arrested for stalking and/or harassment if you are not careful with your revenge. If you do something dastardly, you could even be reported to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for domestic terrorism.

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