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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get Your Friend to Leave His Girlfriend #1

Does your friend have an annoying girlfriend that you think he should get rid of? Implement this plan...he'll be thanking you eventually.
1. Stop talking to the girl. When you are hanging out, don't acknowledge that she is even in the room.
2. No matter how many times she tries to talk to you, or asks others to talk to you about not talking to her... don't give in.
3. Don't be mean, but stand your immature ground and make sure everyone knows how you feel.
4. Make sure the majority of the guy's friends are on your side -- you want to know that your cause is not worthless or unjustified.
5. Get a few drinks in you (if you are of age) and take the guy out with a huge group of his friends.
6. Tell him you miss him. Tell him about how you miss how fun he used to be and how much fun you used to have. Make sure others agree.
7. Come up with some slogan for him that everyone yells in unison. This will boost his confidence and show him that everyone loves him so much.
8. Break the news that his girlfriend sucks. Tell him why -- give at least 5 reasons. If you don't have 5 or more, she really might not be that bad.
9. Tell him (make sure a group is there) that everyone feels the same way and they just haven't said anything.
10. Have him drink more (again, only if of age).
11. When his girlfriend calls later in the night, make sure he tells her that he is not ready to leave.
12. Have one friend stay with him for support (aka: telling him he is not ready to leave... and is on standby to yank the phone away if he (the victim) says he is).

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