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Friday, September 5, 2008

How to Deal With Frienemies

Have you ever had an enemy you used to call a friend? If you do, this guide will help you deal with the aggravations that come from their behavior.
following this Steps
1. Ignore the person if they make you or make fun of you. Make sure you give eye contact briefly, though, as this usually makes them think better of what they're doing.
2. Boost your self-confidence. If you can walk with your head high, unaffected by their comments, they will stop commenting. You won't seem wounded by the names, so you'll just be another one of those kids to him.
3. Keep your temper; stay above their level of juvenile jests and jeers. You will feel better being the "bigger person."
4. Enjoy yourself with your current friends. They can provide support and defend you in times of need.

This is Tips for you
* Ignoring your "frienemy" may be hard, but it gets easier as time goes on.
* Stand up for your friends, as they will come in handy later on.
Remember !!
* Never begin a fight, call them names, or show signs of aggression. The last thing you want is to go home with a black eye and bloody nose.

1 comment:

faye said...

hahaha, nice tips my friends , i feel i have that feelings,, hmmmm frienemies...lots of them if u wanted to...anyway ignore them and just enjoying life we had.