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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get Your Friend to Leave His Girlfriend #2

13. When he comes back from the phone call, hug him (if you are a girl) or do a dudely handshake (if you are a man insecure with your masculinity) and tell him you love him.
14. Continue the night and then let him go home. Make sure his roommates go with him.
15. When he is back at his apartment, have his best friend lay it all out.
16. Let time work its magic on the selfish, annoying sorority girl.
This is some tips
* Don't give up.
* Make sure the girlfriend knows you don't care about her.
* Talk about how much it rocks to be single.
* While doing the above don't be too mean but straight forward to the point.
* HINT: If you REALLY want him to give her the boot; avoid all these rules and flirt with her yourself. If her personality is that horrible, chances are she's shallow enough to cheat on him. Just make sure you're other guy friends are aware of your malicious plan, so when it all comes crashing down, you're not blamed for really trying to steal her away.

* Don't set your friends up with chicks, it most likely will turn out badly.


bailee said...

I think, Honestly, if that is his request, perhaps respect his choice. Just be supportive on the side, if you can't see or hear about it anymore, step back and set your boundaries.Right now, he is thinking that he can change her or things will get better. You are crushing his hopes or telling him to quit what he believes in, of course it's going to bother him.He needs to see it himself, it is no use trying to force a couple to break up even though you know it's probably for his own good.

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